GORKHA POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS: Nothing ‘new’ today as ‘All India’ suffers from a ‘Bengal Dominated’ parochially responsible ‘weak press’ disconnect – ‘head in the sand’ syndrome, cause for India’s quagmire ?!!

Jaswant to arrive in Darjeeling today: May 4, 2010 – more ‘patience’ required ?!!


Jaswant sure of winning from Darjeeling


Darjeeling, May 01, 2009: BJP veteran Jaswant Singh might just pull a rabbit out of his hat. Moving from the deserts of Rajasthan to the cool hills of Darjeeling, Jaswant has the support of the influential Gorkha Janmukti Manch (GJM), which had virtually cut off the hill district from the rest of West Bengal last year to demand a separate state, a demand that the BJP says it will meet if voted to power.

This promise has brought all sections under its umbrella. The power of the promise has even the minorities behind Jaswant. Darjeeling’s Christians, who had strongly protested the Kandhamal riots in Orissa when the BJP was in government are willing to forget that.

Nobert Sharma “Beyond any caste of religious consideration we will vote for the BJP for the cause of Gorkhaland and for that we are willing to take the risk.”

It’s this support that will give Jaswant the confidence of a win in his new constituency.

The BJP is confident about its share of votes in the hills. But it is apprehensive about voters’ response in the plains of Dooars and Terai which is also part of the Darjeeling constituency. And the key to the result would depend upon whether the Gorkha cause is able to dislodge the CPM in the plain.

(The rest …. as the saying goes …… is “history”?!!)


GJM Spokesperson points at CPRM’s UF for Future Gorkha Talks Bargaining Power Dilution – want in desperately without viable programs, just to have some respectable face – or content just to ‘cry foul’ from the sidelines for always, wrong ‘Political Timing’ for desertion ?!!

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