HUMAN TRAGEDY: Mom thrown out of home for house – how inhumane can greed get, and Bengal Police fair ?!!

Sanchi Rani Dey on the Siliguri court premises on Thursday - serenly miserable ?!! (Photo by Kundan Yolmo)


Siliguri, May 6: A 77-year-old widow was beaten up and thrown out of home allegedly by her daughter and grandson who demanded that she transfer her property to them.

Sanchi Rani Dey was admitted to the Siliguri District Hospital today by her neighbours.

“My daughter and grandson beat me up with cudgels last night. They dragged me by my hair and banged my head against the floor. They even cropped my hair with scissors and threw me out of the house,” Dey said showing the bruises on the cheeks and arms on the subdivisional court premises.

Dey said she had faced the trauma several times before, ever since she announced her plans to donate her property — a dilapidated house and four cottahs of land at Jyoti Nagar Colony here — to a charitable organisation to construct an old age home six months back.

The woman said she had approached Siliguri police earlier to complain against her daughter Sadhana and grandson Bijay Deb, but was turned away. “My daughter has taken all my savings and even seized my ration card. I will never transfer the property in their names but will donate it to make an ashram for the old,” Dey said.

In January, the woman, helped by the neighbours, met Siliguri mayor Gangotri Dutta who referred her to the subdivisional legal service committee.

“After we petitioned the additional chief judicial magistrate on February 9, the court directed the Siliguri police to register a general diary and start a case against the accused persons,” said Manas Sarkar, the advocate appointed by the committee for the old woman.

Thrown out of her home, the widow spent the night on the road. In the morning, the neighbours accompanied her to the hospital before taking her to court. She was brought to the district hospital again and admitted there for her frail health.

“Sadhana has been living with her mother for the past two years after she had a dispute with her husband. Dey’s other daughter is married and settled in Calcutta and her son who works at the Bagdogra airport does not look after her. She earns a living by selling flowers, coal balls and cow dung cake,” said Amit Sarkar, the secretary of the Darjeeling District Legal Aid Forum, which is assisting the committee.

Instructed by the court, the police registered an FIR against Sadhana, 48, and Bijay, 27, on March 2. “Sadhana was arrested on the day but Bijay was missing at that time. She got bail (*?!!) after spending two weeks in jail and started torturing her mother again. We lodged another FIR on April 29. But no action was taken against her (*?!!) ,” Sarkar said.

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