EDUCATION: Agra girl tops ICSE with 98.75% marks

EDUCATION: Agra girl tops ICSE with 98.75% marks – name sounds Indian Gorkha enough, but makes no difference really ?!!


By Shailvee Sharda

Lucknow, TNN, May 20, 2010, 04.37am IST: Scaling hillocks in Gangtok, little did she know that she would end up climbing an academic pinnacle.

When the result flashed on Sumedha Rai’s mobile on Wednesday afternoon that she had topped the intermediate examinations of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) with 98.75% marks, she was on a vacation with her family to North East.

“I was trekking when the message flashed to show my result…I was happy that marks were good, but the fact that I was a topper was news to me. I came to know about this when media persons started calling to take my interview,” Sumedha, who hails from Agra, told TOI over phone.

The result would have made any teenager delirious with joy, but Sumedha appeared absolutely poised. And it’s the simple `hard work’, she said, was the reason for his success.

“The strategy for every student is same which is study seriously,” she said, “the desired level of seriousness to excel orsatisfaction over the marks obtained comes only when one opts for subject of one’s own choice. “I love each of the subjects I chose,” she said. Sumedha didn’t forget to attribute the success to her teachers at St Anthony’s Junior College and parents.

Sumedha’s father Dr Lajpat Rai is a surgeon while mother Namita is a teacher at Baikunthi Devi degree college. “I am happy for her but I always thought she deserved to be on the top,” said the proud father who attributed his daughter’s success to an amazing capacity to memorize.

“We all know that she is a blessed child. Once she reads a thing seriously, she doesn’t forget it,” he said. Sumedha’s elder sister Ananya, who is studying dental sciences at a college in Jaipur, had no words to express her joy.

Sumedha exemplifies how freedom can help an individual explore the better side of her personality. “My parents never forced any decision on me,” she proudly affirmed.

Dr Rai added that when Sumedha was to choose subjects for ISC, he was of the opinion that she should take biology as well. However, seeing her reluctant, he decided not to impose his wishes on her.

As for the future plans Sumedha said: “Physics or Maths honours may be a good option but I am still thinking over it.”

Girls on top in ICSE results


New Delhi, May 19 (PTI): It was girls all the way on top in this year”s Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations that saw three students from Mumbai, Kolkata and Agra at their academic best.

The class X examination or the ICSE has been topped nationwide this year by Mumbai girl Jhanvi Vipul Phoshani, who outshone other students securing 98.80 per cent marks.

Jhanvi is a student of Srimati Lilavati Poda High School, Mumbai.

The class XII examination meanwhile was topped by two girls who scored a joint 98.75 per cent aggregate marks.

One of them Shreya Daga represents the Mahadev Birla Shishi Vihar school from Kolkata, while the other Sumedha Rai is from the St Anthony”s Junior College, Agra.

Last year, both the exams were topped by boys.

Maintaining the trend, girls again outshone boys in the overall results securing better pass percentages in the Class-X and Class-XII boards exams. As many as 55,760 candidates appeared for the Class-XII exams while 1,12,820 students took the test for Class-X in March this year.

The pass percentage of girls in Class-X was 98.77 per cent as against 97.95 per cent of the boys. Similarly, the pass rate for girls stands at 98.26 per cent in Class-XII as against 96.17 per cent in case of boys.

HEALTH, EDUCATION & CORRUPTION: Doc held guilty of duty neglect – brothers and sisters of mercy or greed ?!!

NBMCH patient Bappa Debnath


Siliguri, May 19: Doctor Sagar Narang of the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital has been found guilty of negligence by a three-member committee that probed the charges levelled by Bappa Debnath, who was admitted under him on December 11.

Bappa had alleged that he was a victim of doctor-tout nexus at the hospital and had sought action against Narang.

“All members of the investigating committee are of the opinion that there was some neglect after the admission of Bappa Debnath,” reads the report that was handed over to Bappa’s wife Shobha today.

NBMCH superintendent Samir Ghosh Roy said the director of medical education in Calcutta would decide what action should be taken against Narang.

Bappa, a 30-year-old mechanic, had suffered compound fractures on his right leg in an accident here on December 11. Narang, who was on duty at the emergency ward of the NBMCH, had allegedly told Bappa’s family that his leg must be amputated. On the suggestion of an ambulance driver at the NBMCH, Bappa was shifted to a private nursing home in Siliguri.

Narang operated on Bappa the same day at the nursing home but the patient’s leg developed an infection. Bappa was released five days later, though he did not recover properly.

The doctor, however, refuted the allegations against him in a written submission to the NBMCH principal. He defended himself by saying he was at the outpatient department and not at the emergency ward when the patient was brought to the NBMCH.

But the probe panel refused to buy this excuse.

“Dealing of the patient named Bappa Debnath who was admitted on 11/12/2009 at 11.37am and discharged on the same day at 2:30pm by the visiting surgeon Dr. Sarang Narang, asst. professor of orthopedics, NBMCH is hazy, unclear and hasty. Dr. Sagar Narang cannot avoid a patient admitted either through the outpatient department or through emergency under him on his admission day,” says the report.

“On the contrary, he was not bothered about the patient admitted and discharged under him, but attended to the same patient at the private nursing home on the same day at about 3pm.” the report further reads.

A single line at the end of the report also questions the “role played by the ambulance driver”.

Debnath’s wife Shobha said: “I am feeling a bit relieved today. Now that the doctor has been found guilty, we expect strict action against him. This case should set an example so that other people do not become victims of negligence and doctor-tout nexus in future.”


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