BREAKING NEWS: AIGL President Madan Tamang Assassinated in broad daylight in Darjeeling – GJM denies any involvement

BREAKING NEWS: AIGL President Madan Tamang Assassinated in broad daylight in Darjeeling – GJM denies any involvement – so who is actually behind this ?!!            

Madan Tamang Assassinated in Darjeeling, picked up by NDTV from Bengali TV's - wonder how ?!! (Image from our Special News Correspondent)


From Our Special News Correspondent            

Darjeeling, May 21, 2010 (11:00 am), Last updated on May 22, 2010 (7:45 am) : In what came as a total shock and surprise to all in Darjeeling and to the nation, the All India Gorkha  League (AIGL) President, Madan  Tamang was mortally attacked, this morning by unknown persons wielding sharp weapons and Khukuris.            

As Madan Tamang and his colleagues were getting ready to speak at the open air Clubside meeting, just below Planters Club in front of Keventers, a shower of stones (brick-bats) were thrown at the meeting from behind the audience. In the ensuing confusion, a group of unknown men with Khukuris and other sharp weapons rushed to the dais area and struck Madan Tamang, among others.            

Madan Tamang, President of the Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League was fatally hacked on Friday morning (Photo by Rabin Giri)


In the ensuing clash a number of bystanders and people in transit were also injured. Most of the injured received wounds from sharp weapons including Khukuris, the traditional Gorkha weapon.            

The police, present at the scene were stunned into inaction. Reports were given that immediately 5 rounds were fired into the air to quell the violence.  However, other by-standers stated that they heard only 2 shots. “We were just busy finding shelter, they later said.”        

A seriously wounded Madan Tamang was then rushed to Planters’ Hospital just past Chowrasta near Gymkhana Club, but due to lack of proper facilities there, he was then immediately recommended to be shifted to the Darjeeling District Hospital a few hundred meters below on advice from the Doctor present there.            

According to a reliable source at the Darjeeling District Hospital, Madan Tamang was declared dead on arrival. His head was literally detached from his body, the source reported.            

Madan Tamang was not, however, being transferred to Siliguri as reported by NDTV.            

The AIGL had earlier planned to organize a meeting at Chowk Bazaar, Darjeeling to mark its Foundation Day of the party. However, due to rallies by the Naari Morcha and opposition from other supporters of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, the All India Gorkha League had instead chosen to meet at the Clubside venue in the upper parts of Darjeeling town.            

With such an out-rightly shocking attack in broad daylight, all eyes and suspicions are currently automatically turned upon the Gorkha  Janmukti  Morcha and its supporters at such a politically delicate and sensitive time.            

The Governor MK Narayanan recently (on May 18, 2010) met a United Forum team led by Madan Tamang, followed by yet another 21 member team led by GJM a day later (19th May 2010).  The two had been bitter rivals on the ‘Ways and Means’ towards their joint objective of ‘Independent Statehood of Gorkhaland’.            

In a statement after the incident the Governor MK Narayanan said, “The murder of Madan Tamang is an attack on Democracy”.         

GJM Secretary, Roshan Giri, speaking to NDTV, immediately after the incident denied any involvement of his party in the incident and vehemently condemned the attack.  “This comes at a time when we (The GJM) are busy holding meetings to protest the atrocities upon the Indian Gorkhas on the Assam-Meghalaya   border,” and added, “This is not our handiwork.”       

“This goes totally against our Gandhian principles,” he said and added “now it will be upto the Administration and the Police to find out who is actually behind this shocking incident.”            

When asked how this would affect his Party’s standing and the upcoming dialogue, “to continue the talks” which the Governor, MK Narayanan, who is still in Darjeeling, had requested, Mr Giri told NDTV over the phone that, “The GJM is following the Gandhi-badhi Path and we do not yet know who is behind such an incident.”            

The GJM was earlier scheduled to hold its 2nd Political Level meeting in Delhi on the 25th of May 2010, but that was seemingly suspended after the GJM delegation walked out of the earlier talks in Delhi on the 11th of May 2010, when the West Bengal Secretarial Level delegation arrived in Delhi without a mandate to discuss the crucial “demarcation of territory” issue.         

In an interview with Times Now TV, Darjeeling MP Jaswant Singh said, “I am deeply shocked and saddened by the death of ABGL President, Madan Tamang,” and added, “this is not a time for finger-pointing, but a time to bring back peace and calm. A time to maintain law and order and restore normalcy.”       

GJM President, Bimal Gurung, at a press conference in Kalimpong said: “I have repeatedly being saying that we have, over the past 32 months, brought this movement along in a peaceful manner, and have cautioned all not to incite people against their will. We strongly condemn this incident.” The GJM president then said that he would return to Darjeeling to try and restore calm and diffuse tensions here. He said he would make personal enquiries and then decide on  what course of action to take (referring to the upcoming political level talks).       

GJM Spokesperson, the most outspoken and voiceferous critic of Madan Tamang, Dr Harka Bahadur Chettri, expressed “shock and grief” and was unavailable for comments.       

Madan Tamang’s last rites, it is learnt, will be held at his ancestral home in Meghma on 22nd May 2010.          

People begin running helter-skelter after the assasination attack on ABGL president, Madan Tamang (Photo from our Special Correspondent)


Madan Tamang collapses on the ground after being fatally hacked (Photos from our Special Correspondent)


Madan Tamang collapses on the ground after being fatally hacked (By our Special Correspondent)


Police rush to the scene as Madan Tamang lays deserted (Photo by our Special Correspondent)


Madan Tamang is then put into a van and rushed to planters hospital (Photo by our Special Correspondent)


Madan Tamang's body taken out from the Darjeeling District Hospital (Photo by our Special Correspondent)


Madan Tamang's body being loaded into a waiting jeep to be taken to his residence (Photo by our Special Correspondent)



Ethnic Gurkha leader Madan Tamang killed in daylight attack in eastern India

From The Associated Press            

CALCUTTA, India – A top ethnic Gurkha leader, Madan Tamang, was stabbed and killed Friday by unidentified attackers on a busy street in eastern India, a state official said.            

Tamang was repeatedly stabbed in the hill resort town of Darjeeling in West Bengal state while on the way to address a public meeting, state minister Ashok Bhattacharjya said.            

Tamang, head of the All India Gurkha League, had been a top leader in the 1980s campaign seeking a separate state for ethnic Gurkhas in West Bengal. But after several rounds of talks, the group settled for greater autonomy within West Bengal.            

Tamang’s supporters launched protests Friday in Darjeeling after news of the slaying spread, police officer Surajit Kar Purkayastha.            

“The situation is tense, but under control,” Purkayastha said.            

Gorkha leader Madan Tamang killed

From Asia News International            

Darjeeling, May 21 (ANI): All India Gorkha League President and active Gorkhaland proponent Madan Tamang was killed allegedly by Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) supporters in Darjeeling on Friday.            

According to sources, Tamang, who led the anti-GJM front in the Darjeeling Hills, was hit with a kukri (long knife used by Nepalis (*?!!) ) at around 9.30 a.m.            

Meanwhile, a shutdown has begun in the three Darjeeling Hill sub-divisions of Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Kurseong after the incident.            

Vehicles in Darjeeling went off the roads, while shops and markets were closed.            

Tamang, a vocal opponent of the GJM, recently opposed the GJM’s stand on an interim set-up for Darjeeling Hills and demanded Gorkhaland instead. (ANI)            

AIGL president Madan Tamang killed            

BY A STAFF WRITER 12:18 HRS IST           

Siliguri (WB), May 21 (PTI): All India Gorkha League president and a strong advocate of Gorkhaland, Madan Tamang, was today killed in an attack by unidentified assailants in Darjeeling town.            

Darjeeling District Magistrate Surindra Gupta said he was attacked with kukris and swords near the Planters’ Club when he was supervising arrangements for a meeting scheduled for later in the day. He has died, Gupta said.            

There was a clash between AIGL supporters and activists of the GJM who were opposed to the meeting following which police fired five rounds.            

Gupta said no one was injured in the firing.            

However, GJM general secretary Roshan Giri told PTI that a few of his supporters were injured in the clash and one suffered bullet injuries.            

Tamang was opposed to the GJM’s stand on an interim set-up for Darjeeling hills pending setting up of a separate state and demanded Gorkhaland instead.            

Gorkha League chief Madan Tamang killed, Darjeeling tense

Darjeeling, May 21 (IANS): Gorkha leader Madan Tamang, president of the Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League (ABGL), was Friday stabbed to death allegedly by Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) supporters in this West Bengal town, police said. News of the death led to a spontaneous shutdown in the region.            

Tamang, who led the anti-GJM front in the Darjeeling hills, was hit with a kukri (long knife used by Nepalis) at around 9.30 a.m., an official said.             

“He was critically injured in the attack and died in the Darjeeling District Hospital,” Darjeeling police station inspector-in-charge Indrajit Thapa told IANS.             

State Municipal Affairs Minister Ashok Bhattacharya said in Kolkata that GJM supporters had carried out the attack on Tamang.            

“The GJM’s goons have committed the murder. GJM is a fascist party, which does not want any opposition in the hills. They are opposed to a democratic atmosphere prevailing in the hills,” he said.             

“We are deeply concerned. The hills are very tense,” said Bhattacharya, who hails from Siliguri in Darjeeling district.             

As news of Tamang’s killing spread, a spontaneous shutdown began in the three Darjeeling hill sub-divisions of Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Kurseong.             

Vehicles in Darjeeling went off the roads, while shops and markets were closed.             

On hearing about the attack on Tamang, Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee convened an emergency meeting at the state secretariat Writers’ Buildings here and directed police and administrative officials to take all measures to keep the situation under control.             

Tamang, a vocal opponent of the GJM, had earlier levelled corruption charges against its chief Bimal Gurung. The GJM had then threatened to banish him from the hills.           

Gorkha leader Madan Tamang killed            

From The Hindu           

All India Gorkha League president and a strong advocate of Gorkhaland, Madan Tamang, was on Friday killed in an attack by unidentified assailants in Darjeeling town.           

Darjeeling District Magistrate Surindra Gupta said he was attacked with kukris and swords near the Planters’ Club when he was supervising arrangements for a meeting scheduled for later in the day. He has died, Gupta said.           

There was a clash between AIGL supporters and activists of the GJM who were opposed to the meeting following which police fired five rounds.           

Gupta said no one was injured in the firing.           

However, GJM general secretary Roshan Giri told PTI that a few of his supporters were injured in the clash and one suffered bullet injuries.           

Tamang was opposed to the GJM’s stand on an interim set-up for Darjeeling hills pending setting up of a separate state and demanded Gorkhaland instead.           

Inspector-General of Police (North Bengal) K L Tamta said AIGL had initially decided to hold the meeting at Darjeeling Chowrasta, but later shifted the venue due to opposition from GJM.           

Immediately after the attack on Tamang, shops and markets closed down, the police said. Police has also intensified patrolling in Darjeeling town.           

Government orders inquiry            

The West Bengal government ordered an inquiry into the killing of All India Gorkha League president Madan Tamang in Darjeeling.           

Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee held an urgent meeting with state Chief Secretary Ardhendu Sen, Home Secretary Samar Ghosh, DGP Bhupinder Singh and Urban Development Minister Asok Bhattacharya and reviewed the situation in the hills.           

Tamang was killed by unidentified assailants in Darjeeling town.           

Condemning the attack, Mr. Bhattacharjee directed the hill administration and the police to take immediate action against the assailants.He also called for stepping up security in the entire hill areas, official sources said.           

The state’s urban development minister also condemned the incident and said the assailants should be immediately arrested.           

Trinamool Congress condemned Tamang’s killing in broad daylight in and alleged that there was no security of life of common people in the state and sought Central intervention.           

“Mamata Banerjee is shocked along with all sections of Trinamool Congress workers at Tamang’s murder and expressed the view that her party is always against politics of violence,” party general secretary Partha Chatterjee said in a release.           

“Law and order has collapsed in the state and it is time the Centre intervened to ensure security of life and property of people,” the release said.           

Senior India Gorkha leader Madan Tamang killed           

Map with Darjeeling location (From BBC website)


FROM THE BBC           

UK, Friday, 21 May 2010, 14:30 GMT: A senior Gorkha leader has been killed by unidentified attackers in the hill resort of Darjeeling in India’s West Bengal state.           

Madan Tamang was stabbed to death. News of his fate led to a regional shutdown.           

Mr Tamang was president of the All India Gorkha League, one of the oldest political parties fighting for a separate Gorkhaland state.           

His party has blamed the rival Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) party for the killing. The GJM has denied the charge.           

The Nepali-speaking Gorkhas in India’s tea-producing Darjeeling hill area have long agitated for a separate state.           

The GJM has spearheaded the recent Gorkhaland movement. But Mr Tamang was opposed to several of their proposals.           

“Mr Tamang was attacked near the Planters’ Club on Friday morning when he was supervising the arrangements for a meeting to be held later in the day,” senior police officer KL Tamta said.           

“Miscreants hit him with khukris [knives] and swords, wounding him on the shoulder and stomach.”    

(Our computer is being bugged: see results below, Editor – Himal News) 


Butchery of dissent – Gorkha leader hacked to death at Darjeeling meet venue guarded by armed policemen 





Madan Tamang, with blood oozing from his wound, after the attack. (Photo by Suman Tamang)



Darjeeling, May 21: Dissent was hacked to death in Darjeeling today, the khukuris falling mercilessly on a 62-year-old leader sitting at the venue of a public meeting in front of armed policemen.  

Madan Tamang, one of the few voices in the hills that had challenged the writ of current Gorkhaland-spearhead Bimal Gurung, died a grisly death at the hands of a mob a little past 9 this morning.  

The daylight murder, the audacity and gruesome nature of which has rarely been seen before in Bengal, took place at a spot that was ringed by some of the most famous landmarks in the hills such as Planter’s Club and Keventer’s.  

The outspoken police boss of north Bengal directly blamed Gurung’s Gorkha Janmukti Morcha for the murder of Tamang, who was the president of the Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League (ABGL). (Proving that he is truely ‘Unbiased and A-political’ ?!!)  

The ABGL, though not as powerful as the Morcha which has displaced Subash Ghisingh’s GNLF as the principal campaigner for statehood, has been trying to take on Gurung by saying that he has failed to deliver Gorkhaland.  

Dissent has been a casualty ever since the Morcha exploded on the scene two years ago, so much so that other parties have been allowed to hold only a handful of meetings in Darjeeling.  

Four days ago, Tamang had met governor M.K. Narayanan, who is in Darjeeling for the summer, and complained to him about the absence of democracy in the hills and the Morcha’s high-handedness.  

Narayanan, who issued a statement that was stronger than the comments of the state government which is handling the sensitive issue with extreme caution, today referred to the point raised by the slain leader.  

“The fatal attack on him can only be regarded as an attack on democratic forces,” the governor said. “This state of affairs will not be allowed to continue,” Narayanan added.  

Till late this evening, the hills were cloaked in a shutdown. The Centre is sending three companies of the CRPF and the state has despatched two companies of the India Reserve Battalion (IRB) to maintain peace.  

This morning, Tamang had sought to defy the unwritten Morcha bar on other parties’ meetings, arriving with around 50 supporters at the Clubside motor stand in front of Planter’s Club to celebrate his party’s foundation day.  

The ABGL had originally scheduled the meeting at Chowk Bazaar, around half a kilometre from the motor stand. However, with the Morcha also deciding to hold a meeting at the same place, Tamang’s party had changed its venue.  

At 9.15am, when preparations for the meeting were going on, a mob of 100-odd youths, all armed with lathis and khukuris, descended on the venue, vented war cries like “aayo Gorkhali” and pulled down flags.  

Around 40 police personnel were guarding the roads leading to the venue. Ten men belonging to the IRB, a state force, were carrying arms. The ABGL supporters were also armed with lathis and khukuris but the outnumbered ranks fled.  

Before Tamang, who was sitting in a chair, could whip out his licensed revolver, he was hacked on the neck. He slumped to the ground, the spurting blood forming puddles.  

Tamang’s bodyguard, a state armed police constable, fired from his service revolver, injuring Sangay Yolmo, 33, and Subash Tamang, 53. They are in different hospitals but had not been arrested till late this evening. The police refused to say if they were affiliated to any group.  

Tamang was first taken to Planter’s Hospital, about 50 metres away. He was immediately referred to the Darjeeling district hospital, where he was declared “brought dead”.  

K.L. Tamta, the inspector-general of police, north Bengal, said: “The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha attacked Madan Tamang.”  

But Morcha president Bimal Gurung termed the killing a “conspiracy hatched by the state and the ABGL” to tarnish his party’s image.  

Tamta, the police chief, deflected to the state government the question why his force did not act. “The question should be asked to the government. But we want the Morcha leadership, particularly Amar Lama, who is Tamang’s younger brother, to say who is responsible for the murder,” Tamta said.  

Contacted, Lama termed the murder “a cowardly act”.  

Eighteen people have been arrested from Morcha-dominated areas.

Catch culprits with caution


Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee - making sense at last ?!!



May 21: The Bengal government today said it had asked the Darjeeling administration to arrest the culprits behind Madan Tamang’s murder, but gave enough indication that, like in the recent past, it would not take any action that could “precipitate” the situation in the hills.


Jaswant Singh - India's concience ?!!


After a meeting with chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, both home secretary Samar Ghosh and director-general of police Bhupinder Singh made it clear the “sensitive” hill situation would have to be handled “carefully”.    

“We have sent additional state forces to Darjeeling,” Ghosh said. “Strict vigil has to be maintained so that clashes or killings do not occur. But we also have to make sure the police do not do anything that can be termed excesses. After all, the situation in the hills is sensitive. We are treating this incident simply as a case of murder. So, only the standard operational procedure will be followed.”  



Pranab Mukerjee - still hegemonistically confused as his befuddled inflatory economy ?!!


The government is aware that the situation is “tricky” as Tamang’s alleged killers are Morcha supporters and it would not want to do anything “hasty” that could derail the ongoing talks to end the hill impasse. “As it is the talks are stuck over the dispute on territory. If the state does anything that upsets the Morcha, it could jeopardise the talks further,” an official said.    

State police chief Singh stressed there had been “no breakdown in law and order” in the hills and there was no need to react to it as such. “It’s a case of two political parties combating each other,” he said.

In Delhi, Union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, too, indicated that normality had to prevail and the tripartite talks had to go forward. “Our main priority will be to keep the national highways which pass through Darjeeling district open as they are vital to our security… they connect Sikkim and Bhutan,” Mukherjee told The Telegraph. “I’m worried about the violence spreading in the hills.”

Mukherjee said the talks with the “Gorkha (Janmukti Morcha) leaders” would continue. “In the long run, some more autonomy may be granted but neither a separate province nor extended territory for Gorkhaland is possible…. Darjeeling is a strategic area and a perpetual solution through dialogue is the only way out.”  

Darjeeling MP Jaswant Singh asked the government to ensure that there was no witch-hunting after the killing of Tamang, reports PTI. “There should be a full investigation on why and how it happened…. We should not jump to conclusion blaming one or anybody else,” PTI quoted Singh in Delhi. “There should be no witch hunting,” he said.  

“I do not see any rational behind some pre-mature reporting of blaming organisations simply on unfounded rumours,” Singh said.
In Calcutta, state hill affairs minister Asok Bhattacharya, one of the state’s two representatives at the political-level tripartite talks, lashed out at the Morcha, holding it responsible for Tamang’s murder. “The Morcha killed Tamang in a pre-planned manner as he had called for the restoration of democracy in the hills.” However, home secretary Ghosh cautioned against “jumping to any conclusions”. “We’ll go by what the Centre says,” he said.

In Delhi, Union home secretary G.K. Pillai admitted that the bloodshed would impact the talks atmosphere. “It (the murder) vitiates the atmosphere for talks. There is need for people to keep calm and work towards a peaceful solution and all sides need to maintain peace,” he said.    

North Bengal inspector-general of police K.L. Tamta said three companies of the CRPF were heading to Darjeeling to ensure normality in the hills.    

Khukuris silence guns Cops toe govt peace line – Cops toe govt peace line    

KL Tamta - leadership as Police Chief now under political scrutiny by Bengal media ?!!



May 21: As many as 10 armed policemen were on duty, but not a single shot was fired save the two by Madan Tamang’s personal security officer when over a hundred alleged Gorkha Janmukti Morcha supporters overran the Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League’s meeting venue this morning.    

Senior police officers said the force — 40 personnel — posted at Clubside motor stand was enough to tackle the mob that had descended since the alleged Morcha supporters were armed only with khukuris and not the firepower the personnel had.    

Inspector-general of police, north Bengal, K.L. Tamta said “Morcha supporters” had “dodged” the police to reach Tamang.    

“Permission to hold the meeting had been given to the ABGL as we thought there won’t be any deterioration of law and order in the presence of the governor, who is in Darjeeling,” Tamta said.    

“It is unfortunate that the incident happened when our men were present there along with an inspector-in-charge. The police tried to stop them but they failed to do so as Morcha supporters dodged them and reached Tamang,” he added.    

He did not respond when asked why the police failed to make any credible effort to stop them. “We admit that it is necessary to reinstate the rule of law in the hills and for this we will work in accordance with the state government’s instructions,” he said.    

In private, senior officers said the police had failed to save Tamang for two reasons. First, they had failed to anticipate the attack and were relaxed. Second, conditioned by repeatedly being told by their superiors not to take any action that would further “inflame” the situation, they thought that no matter what the provocation, they would have to simply stand by.    

“The police should have anticipated the attack as Morcha chief Bimal Gurung had warned his political adversaries that ‘people’, meaning his supporters, would not tolerate any political activity other than that by his party,” an officer said.    

He added that given the situation in the hills, it would have been a surprise if attacks on Morcha opponents did not take place. However, several officers said the “ultimate blame” must lie with the government, which let the Morcha do whatever it felt like because Writers’ Buildings was scared of “provoking” the situation.    

“There have been several instances of violence in the hills where the police stood by doing nothing,” an officer said. “They did so because it is the government’s policy not to get into a confrontation with the Morcha, letting its supporters get away with murder. The rule of law here has collapsed because of the state.”     


2 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: AIGL President Madan Tamang Assassinated in broad daylight in Darjeeling – GJM denies any involvement”

  1. Abhijeet Says:

    This incident clearly shows that no one is safe in India. Except VVIP’s, anyone can be killed at any time. There were no security personnel with Madan Tamang when this incident happened. Very sad….

  2. Pramoskar Blone Says:

    Mr. Tamang lived like a tiger and died like a tiger.

    His death will create a political turmoil in the history of Darjeeling.

    So the cowards who are involved in this incident should be prepared to face the consequences of the immortal blood of Mr. Tamang which was shed on the street.


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