Eulogy to Madan Tamang

Touching Eulogy to Madan Tamang – The voice of Gorkha Conscience & Democracy…  

By Mridula Rai,


The Rhododendron Garden, A Tribute to Madan Tamang - Long Live Democracy !!!


…That dark cloud came thundering again…
which rains every time when a rare person is born,
washing away the dreams of thousands…
and life gone but not in vain! 

That evil dagger killed the ray of hope,
pierced the heart of a simple man, not a simple one though…
had dreams to save us from extinction
had dreams to release us free 

We moan the loss and
moan our own sad destiny! 

Regrets… regrets and regrets…
Had we saved you we would be saved…
Had you been here…the hope would remain…
the hope to be fulfilled! 

Your love for rhododendron signified your love for the hill,
But never had we imagined
your love would cost your life
Would cost our failure… 

Dismal air touches us
with the feeling that we lost him
who used to light up the lamp
…and lead us! 

A heart too brave and so rare
Endowed with a calibre to free his people…
Gone you are 

But you prevail in every mind
dwelling in extreme dismal thought
with realisation of what we had and have now lost!  


One Response to “Eulogy to Madan Tamang”

  1. Ms A Rai Says:

    Would love to read a poem on Father burns too.

    I wish someone had also written a poem for Father Burns …

    His contribution to the Darjeeling hills and the local/needy people throughout his life has been been far more than what we assume Madan Tamang has done.

    (Actually not sure what he did. haven’t seen any articles on his contribution to local communities. Keep wondering why he was not able to win the hearts of public to fight for a separate state after Council was setup. I guess he was busy planting rhododendrons instead of making his party stronger).

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