WEATHER WATCH: Monsoon keeps date; quantity test ahead

WEATHER WATCH: Monsoon keeps date; quantity test ahead

The Rain Route - a kind monsoon this year ?!!


New Delhi, May 31: The monsoon has kept its onset date with mainland India, advancing today over almost entire Kerala and parts of southern Tamil Nadu.

Its northern line has shifted closer to Bengal.

“The south-west monsoon has reached Kerala and we expect it to cover coastal Karnataka within a day,” Ajit Tyagi, the director-general, India Meteorological Department (IMD) told PTI.

The IMD had predicted that the monsoon would strike Kerala on May 31.

The rainfall patterns over several stations in Kerala over the past two days and wind flow conditions mark the onset, it said.

The northern limit of the monsoon passed today over Kannur, Salem, Nagapattinam, and curved into a south-western zone of the Bay of Bengal.

The normal date of onset of the monsoon over Bengal is between June 8 and June 10. The monsoon has covered the Andaman and Nicobar islands on May 17.

But scientists cautioned that a normal date of onset did not have any relation with the quantum of rainfall the mainland will receive from June to September.

The IMD has predicted widespread rain and thundershowers over Kerala, coastal Karnataka and the northeastern states over the next two days.

However, further advance of the monsoon would depend on the intensity and direction of movement of a depression — a low pressure area — in the central Arabian Sea, the IMD said.

Tyagi said because of thedepression in the Arabian Sea, the progress of the monsoon was expected to be along the western coast and interior parts of the peninsula would get rain later.

“There is a depression in the Arabian Sea which could develop into a cyclone and affect the progress of monsoon in the interior parts,” Tyagi told PTI.

According to current analysis, the depression which may develop into a cyclone could hit parts of coastal Gujarat and Karachi, weather scientists said.

The IMD has predicted a near normal 98 per cent of monsoon during the four-month season.

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