A Fond Farewell to our Hon’ble Darjeeling MP, Stalwart Jaswant Singh & Co from Kanchanjunga – A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ once again for your “Prayers for Peace in Darjeeling” and your coming back at such short notice in our hour of need … while many political problems still remain to be solved in the Delhi Parliamentary heat … see you again soon this August …wishing you Good Health & Bon Voyage !!!

Kanchanjunga's Monsoon Moments - obscured by clouds, but very much there, as is the political future of this long neglected region (Photo by Kalimpong's famed photographer - Chinlop Fudon Lepcha)

Dear Esteemed Readers of Himal News,

If you, or anyone you know, would  also like to add ‘welcomes or farewells’ to friends as well as upcoming ‘national and international dignitaries’ with Photos of Kanchanjunga or any other ‘art photos’ that you think are relevant – please email them to himalgroup@hotmail.com on jpg format on a breath size above 470 pixels. Your contributions will be displayed here with your captions –

Thanking you in anticipation of your contributions…. if you care to take the trouble …

The Editor,
Himal News.


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