TRAGIC HUMAN INTEREST:  Actor in jail – wife a gold-digger or just ‘confused and hurt’ at the injustice of a chauvanist uncaring husband ?!!

Raghubir Yadav - finally brought to book for flauting the Law ?!!


Mumbai (PTI): Actor Raghubir Yadav, arrested for failing to pay alimony to his estranged wife for four years, was on Saturday remanded in judicial custody till June 7.

Yadav, who was arrested from Mumbai Central railway station on Friday, had been ignoring court summons since September.

Our Himal News Correspondent adds:

Raghubir Yadav was married to Purnima Kharka, the grand daughter of an earlier Darjeeling MP, late Ratanlal Brahmin (Maila Bajey).  Purnima Kharka herself is an actress in Nepali films.


Raghubir Yadav ‘haazir ho’ … ‘aab hooie na baat’ ?!!

From Mumbai Mirror
By Runna Ashish Bhutda

Raghubir Yadav with wife Purnima and son Achal - in better days when romance was young ?!!

Mumbai, Sun, Jun 6, 2010: (first posted on November 08, 2008): National award winning actor Raghubir Yadav’s estranged wife, Purnima, is seeking monetary compensation for herself and their 19-year-old son Achal.

Purnima, who was earlier Delhi-based and is in Mumbai for the last four months, said, “I have been trying to reach Raghu (Raghubir Yadav) for the last three to four years.

Though I have his contact number and know that he stays somewhere in Goregaon East in Mumbai, he neither meets me nor appears in court for the case that I have filed against him for monetary compensation.

Despite many summons sent by the court, he is still absconding. My next hearing in the court is on November 14. Hopefully, this article will compel him to attend the court proceedings.”

Purnima who has learnt kathak under Pt Birju Maharaj and has also taught theatre to children in Delhi, is also on the lookout for a job. She has even performed in countries like Japan, China and Moscow.

Meanwhile, her son, Achal is working in a video library as a sales boy. After staying in Delhi for some time, she shifted base to Mumbai when her son started missing the father figure in his life when he was six years old.

Purnima first became aware of the cracks in their relationship when he would be hooked to the phone at night post a shooting schedule in Baroda. Purnima told us, “Life changed for us after he went to Baroda for a shoot. I noticed that he would talk to someone at night.

And one fine day, he just announced that he did not wish to stay with me anymore. My son had fallen ill at that time and he did not care for him and left us.

When I realised that Raghu was indeed not coming back, I began inquiring about him. I found out that he is in Rajasthan for a drama workshop with Nandita Das. Nandita’s father Jatin Das, confirmed this for me. That solved the mystery of the late night calls. I was just too shocked to react.”

Purnima received another blow when she learnt that Raghubir had filed for divorce from Jabalpur. Purnima said, “In 1996, when Raghu filed for divorce in Jabalpur, the judge ordered Raghu to give me Rs. 20,000 compensation per month. But later, the High Court settled the matter for Rs. 10,000.

However, from 1997, till date, I have not received a single penny. I had even gone back to Delhi when I got the offer of a job in the Repertory of NSD (National School of Drama) in Delhi.

Meanwhile, Raghu withdrew the divorce case. Now my service contract is over and I have no job at hand, I am again looking out for means of survival. Of late, I came to know that Raghubir is staying with a woman called Roshni.

She is the ex-wife of TV actor/comedian, Sanjay Mishra. She has had a son from him but they are not married. Whenever I try to talk to him or meet him, she either does not give him the phone or calls for the police. I do not know whether I am a married woman, a divorcee or a widow.”

The effect of the sad turn of the events in her life has taken a huge toll on Purnima’s health. She claims that the left side of her body gets paralysed when she gets tense and she has recently discovered that she has holes in her heart.

We tried contacting Raghubir Yadav on his mobile but a lady called Rehana, claiming to be as Raghubir’s secretary took our call (or was it Roshni?). When we informed her about the details we had at hand, she fumed and said, “I do not care if you want to write about Raghubir just because you spoke to that mad woman.

She wanted to kill Raghubir. She tortured him and damaged his life. I have a letter written by her, which I will send it you in one or two days. After reading that you will never call me. She used such bad language in the letter.

When we insisted that we wanted to talk to either Raghubir or Roshni as we needed to confirm the details that we had , Rehana said, “So what if they are not married or Roshni has a son from Raghubir. How does it matter to you? Roshni is not Raghubir’s wife, she is Raghubir’s life partner. If you will write anything against them, I will take you to court and file a defamation case against you and your paper.”

When we insisted that we were doing no wrong and just checking out Raghubir’s version of the story and had everything on record, she said angrily, “I will not let you talk to both of them. You have no right to disturb anybody like this. I will send you that letter” and ended the conversation.

We also spoke to Sanjay Mishra, Roshni’s ex-husband and all he said was, “What should I say now, Jo beet gayee, woh baat gayee, ab neer bahaye ho to kya.”


Telangana tussle at altar – will ‘Gorkha Adivasi Intellectuals and Politicians’ learn from political reality in India ?!!


Hyderabad, June 5: A groom in Andhra Pradesh yesterday refused to marry the bride until she chanted “Jai Telangana”.

Only minutes were left for the wedding to be completed when software engineer Jayakrishna, 28, sprang his condition, a strange one even in a country used to last-minute dowry demands holding up marriage ceremonies.

Jayakrishna is from Nalgonda district, which is in the Telangana region, but the wedding was being held in bride Sweta’s village of Jaggayyapeta in coastal Andhra’s Krishna district.

Sweta’s parents were horrified. “As a Congress activist who supported Samaikya Andhra (a movement for a united Andhra Pradesh), I was aghast that politics was set to ruin my daughter’s personal life,” said Raghupati Rao, father of the bride.

Even Prabhakar Rao, the groom’s father and a close friend of Raghupati, said he was shocked.

As the end of the muhurtam (auspicious hour) approached, everyone pleaded with the groom but he would not budge. Nor would Raghupati — who was proving to be as stubborn as his prospective son-in-law — let his daughter mouth the words.

Sometime around 10.40am, an hour after the muhurtam had passed, Jayakrishna relented and said it would do if the bride’s brother raised the Telangana slogan.

The brother, a student of Vijayawada Medical College, eventually shouted “Jai Telangana” three times. The priests quickly found another muhurtam just an hour later and sanctified the marriage to everyone’s relief.

Sources said Jayakrishna had once studied in Hyderabad’s Osmania University, the epicentre of last year’s Telangana movement. Nearly 300 students had committed suicide across the region over the delay in the grant of statehood to Telangana.

The issue continues to bitterly divide Andhra Pradesh, with political workers of the Telangana region boycotting rallies by leaders from other regions and even tours by ministers.

The Centre has for now put the matter on ice by setting up a committee to study the demand for smaller states.


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