TAMANG MURDER INVESTIGATION: Plot hatched month ago – CID scanner on Morcha links of murder accused

TAMANG MURDER INVESTIGATION: Plot hatched month ago – CID scanner on Morcha links of murder accused – naturally, political trial by Bengal media first, and this can be proved in Bengal’s courts, so ‘guilty before being proved innocent’, Nicole Tamang for ‘aatma-samarpan’ – probably not till CBI steps in ?!!

The suspected murderer 'Kainla' in an orange jacket on the left with a pathang - now working for 'Nicole Tamang' ?!!


Calcutta, June 6: The plan to eliminate ABGL president Madan Tamang was hatched at least a month before the murder, sleuths of the criminal investigation department have alleged.

The CID claims that Nickol Tamang, a central committee member of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, executed the killing on May 21 along with his close henchmen. Nickol’s name strongly features in the CID investigation following the scrutiny of the call records of his cellphone that police had recovered from the murder spot.

“We are yet to find out if Nickol Tamang was acting on behalf of a mastermind, for it is possible that there were others who had instructed him to carry out the attack,” said P. Neerajnayan, inspector-general (I) of the CID, in Calcutta today.

An officer in the team probing Tamang’s murder said Subhas Tamang and Prashant Chhetri, the duo who were shot at and injured on the legs by Tamang’s bodyguard, were assigned by Nickol to carry out the attack. The two men are now under arrest and admitted to the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital in Siliguri. The CID officers, however, are yet to ascertain the role of Suresh Raimaji, picked up in Darjeeling on Thursday night, in the murder.

“Subhas and Prashant are both hard nuts to crack and had not yet confessed to anything, but we have enough evidence against them to prove their involvement in the killing,” an investigating officer said.

According to CID sources, the plan to kill Tamang had gained momentum about a week ago from the day he was hacked to death. “Nickol is close to a number of Morcha leaders and we have reason enough to believe that Tamang’s killers had carried out the operation with a motive to gain political advantage in the hills. He (Who ?!!) was the only person who had been repeatedly making statements that the Morcha was shifting from its main objective of Gorkhaland,” a source said.

The sleuths, who have collected the call details of the cellphones used by the three arrested persons, said a week before the killing, the frequency of calls between Prashant, Subhas and Nickol had increased. “Nickol’s call records also show that he spoke to a number of Morcha leaders a number of times before the incident. However, many more men had been engaged by the mastermind to carry out the killing,” the source said.

The investigators said the gang that swept down on the Clubside motor stand on that bloody Friday, took advantage of the crowd that had begun to gather in the area for the meeting that Tamang was supposed to address. However, the CID is not yet very clear as to who dealt the killer blow.

In Darjeeling, Subhas’s relatives insisted that the 52-year-old had nothing to do with the grisly murder. Speaking on condition of anonymity, one of his relatives said Subhas, a resident of Singmari area, had gone to buy medicines the day the killing took place and that he was innocent.


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