CRIME WATCH ON WORLD ‘AGAINST CHILD LABOUR’ DAY: Girl flees abductors on moving train

Against Child Labour Day ... concientious parents ?!!

CRIME WATCH: Girl flees abductors on moving train – how many are not so fortunate ?!!

New Alipurduar station (Photo Anirban Choudhury)


Cooch Behar, June 11: A girl from Assam last night gave a slip to her six abductors by locking herself in a train toilet and jumping out at New Alipurduar station just as the train was moving out of the platform.

Sonali Sen (name changed) said she had been abducted yesterday evening while she was returning home at Dhantola in Bongaigaon from a computer class by six youths and hustled into a train by them.

According to Cooch Behar superintendent of police Kalyan Banerjee, Sonali had told the police that her kidnappers had threatened with dire consequences if she raised the alarm on the train, which she could not identify. Police too are trying to find out the train she was forced to board.

“She has told the police that she was alone in an auto-rickshaw when the six youths, their faces covered with cloth, forced themselves on the vehicle and asked the driver to take them to Bongaigaon station, where she was put on board the train,” Banerjee said.

The 22-year-old arts graduate said the train had left Bongaigaon station around 7pm and despite repeated request at first, the six youths did not allow her to go to the toilet. “At last I managed to convince them that I needed to go badly and they agreed. It was around 11pm. I went to the toilet and locked myself in. After an hour, which seemed to be like an eternity, the train stopped at what seemed like a busy station. I opened the toilet door and rushed past the youths and jumped onto the platform and ran to the road,” the police chief quoted Sonali as saying.

She found a cruising auto-rickshaw outside the station and told its driver to take her home. However, Bongaigaon being about 150km away and the Toofanganj-bound auto driver not having the permit to travel so far, he took her to an ashram in Toofanganj where she stayed the night. The driver then informed the Toofanganj police who took her to the police station this morning.

The district police chief said the girl’s brother, a sub-inspector of the Assam police, arrived in Toofanganj this morning and took her away. Banerjee said the siblings’ deceased father was also a sub-inspector with the Assam police.

“We have handed over the girl to her brother and we are trying to find out which train she was put on. The abductors, we suspect, were part of a trafficking gang,” Banerjee said.

Toy Train derails


Siliguri, June 11: A toy train on the Darjeeling-NJP route derailed in Kurseong around 1.30pm today, reports our correspondent.

Witnesses said a coach of the 2D train from Darjeeling had gone off the tracks and engineers had been called from Tindharia to fix the problem. Although no injuries were reported, passengers had to wait for more than an hour before the train resumed journey.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway officials, however, denied the derailment but said wheels had jammed when the driver had applied emergency brakes to avoid collision with a vehicle at a level crossing.


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