EDUCATION: Teachers on job-axe protest

EDUCATION: Teachers on job-axe protest – what a mess, what a mess Bengal has made of the education system here ?!!


Siliguri, June 16: Four contractual teachers of Siliguri College demonstrated in front of the principal’s office today after their contracts were terminated by the authorities.

The teachers alleged that they were “victimised” after one of them filed a case against the college in Calcutta High Court for non-implementation of a government order on salary revision.

“On February 27, 2009, the state government passed an order to revise the salaries of part-time teachers like us. According to the order, a teacher with less than four years of service should get Rs 7,000 per month, those with four years and 10 months’ service should get Rs 8,000 and teachers having above 10 years’ experience should get Rs 10,000,” said Debasmita Pal, a teacher of the sociology department whose contract has been terminated. “But the college never implemented the order. Whenever we went to discuss it with the principal, he made some excuses to avoid us. In April this year, I filed a case.”

Besides Pal, Manavendu Kar of physiology, Sangita Raha of philosophy and Swarnalekha Chakraborty of sociology departments also received the termination notices yesterday.

Pal who alleged that she was socially boycotted after filing the case said: “The notice just intimated us that we should not report for duty from today without offering any explanation. The college authorities have victimised us for going to the court. The decision of our termination was not passed by the governing body.”

Malay Karanjai, the college principal, said the decision was taken by the governing body. “They (the four) do not fulfill certain criteria like passing the NET or SLET which have been specified by the UGC for part-time teachers.”

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