ENTERTAINMENT & POLITICS: Manisha Koirala marries Nepali businessman

Manisha Koirala marries Nepali businessman – all’s well that ends well, happily ever after, to settle down at last ?!!

Manisha Koirala with Samrat Dahal - Congratulations !! (Photo from AP)

From The Press Trust of India

Kathmandu, Jun 19, 2010, 11:16: It’s ‘2010: A Love Story’ for Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala, who tied the knot with beau Samrat Dahal in a traditional ceremony here today.

The 41-year-old Nepalese beauty exchanged wedding vows with Dahal, 34, in a private function at the Gokarna Forest Resort, 10kms east of the capital, attended by family close friends only.

Dressed in a yellow saree, Manisha garlanded Samrat and exchanged wedding rings as priests recited Vedic mantras in the presence of her father Prakash Koirala and mother Sushma.

Besides her family members, close relatives and friends, those attending the function were Bollywood actress Suman Ranganathan, Manisha’s co-star in her debut film Saudagar Bibek Mushram and Govinda’s wife Sunita.

Jackie Shroff and Govinda are also expected to attend the wedding reception to be held at Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza on Sunday.

The celebration included traditional Nepali music ‘Panchai Bazaa’ and a cultural dance. Nepali, Indian and continental dishes were served at the resort, sources said.

Spread over three days, the main ceremony will be held tomorrow when the bride will go to the groom’s house after performing hour-long rituals as per the Hindu tradition.

President Dr Ram Baran Yadav, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, Maoist chief Prachanda and former King Gyanendra are expected to attend Sunday’s grand dinner party in which some 3,000 guests have been invited.

The actress will continue with her movie career even after the marriage, her father Prakash Koirala, nephew of late prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala, told PTI.

Manisha will live in Nepal and will mostly devote time to Nepali films, which she has already begun by acting in ‘Dharam’ opposite famous actor Rajesh Hamal, said Koirala.

Manisha, who caught the imagination of film lovers with her 1991 Subhash Ghai film Saudagar, later went on to give memorable performances in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s 1942: A Love Story, Mani Ratnam’s Bombay, Dil Se and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Khamoshi.

The actress, grand daughter of Nepal’s first elected Prime Minister Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala, will also throw a lavish party two days later at Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza.

The marriage comes two months after the demise of Girija Prasad Koirala.

Dahal, who the actress met on Facebook a year back, has completed Master’s Degree in Alternative Energy from US and he is currently involved with his family business, shoe manufacturing.

The actress had evaded marriage over the years and broke off two engagements in the past.

She was reportedly engaged to ex-Australian ambassador to Nepal, Crispin Conroy in 2001, but broke up with him soon.

Last year, the grapevine was abuzz with reports that Manisha will wed American speaker and author Christopher Dorris, but that relationship too ended.

Manisha’s wedding to bring arch-foes face to face ? – a time to put aside all political differences in Nepal and work towards the progress of all ‘no matter what’ people say and mean ?!!

Indo-Asian News Service

Kathmandu, Thursday, June 17, 2010: As Nepal hosts Manisha Koirala’s wedding on Saturday, the most intense speculation is whether President Ram Baran Yadav will come face to face with his bete noire, Maoist chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, and the latter with his, ex-king Gyanendra.

Or will they come up with polite excuses to wriggle out of the invitation and along with it, a most embarrassing situation?

The 40-year-old actress, who is finally marrying Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal in a glittering three-day ceremony starting Friday, has invited former king Gyanendra as well as his arch-enemy Prachanda, the Maoist chief whose party fought a 10-year war to abolish monarchy in Nepal.

The wedding is scheduled on Saturday, after an engagement ceremony on Friday. The reception is at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza Hotel on Sunday.

Most of the key political players have preferred to wait and watch and are yet to confirm their presence. Former king Gyanendra has decided to stay away from Kathmandu.

The last king of Nepal left for Bara district in southern Nepal Wednesday to inaugurate a new temple. He will be camping in the Terai till Sunday despite the heat and the discomfort.

On Friday, Gyanendra, whose bid to rule Nepal with the help of the army had received Manisha’s support in 2005, will go to Birgunj town to offer prayers at the Maithan temple as well as at the infamous Gadimai temple, where tens of thousands of animals are slaughtered every five years.

From there, he will proceed to Rautahat on Saturday to visit a Shiva temple.

With the former king planning to return to Kathmandu only Sunday, it is certain that he will not be present at the engagement or the wedding.

Though a morning flight will bring him back to Kathmandu Sunday in good time to attend the reception, there’s still no certainty as the flight will depend on the weather.

During the former king’s earlier visit to the Terai town of Nepalgunj, he had to postpone his return to Kathmandu due to bad weather.

As for Prachanda, his aides said it was still not confirmed if he would attend the ceremonies.

The top leaders of the Maoist party are currently locked in an intense debate over future strategy as well as leadership after failing to topple the coalition government of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal despite almost a year of protests.

If any major meetings are scheduled Sunday, Prachanda would not be able to attend Manisha’s wedding reception, his son Prakash told IANS.

In 2006, when King Gyanendra held a controversial municipal election, Manisha had flown down from Bollywood to campaign for it. The Maoists had tried to stop the polls and in retaliation, announced a “ban” on films of Manisha, the granddaughter of the nation’s first elected prime minister Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala.

Her father Prakash Koirala consented to become a minister in the king’s cabinet, an acquiescence that caused him to be expelled from his Nepali Congress party.

Also invited to the reception is President Ram Baran Yadav.

Yadav replaced Gyanendra as the head of state. He also aroused the enmity of the Maoists by reinstating the army chief the Maoist government had sacked, an action that caused the fall of the Maoist government.

Since then, the Maoists had been boycotting all official functions attended by the president.

Now it remains to be seen if Prachanda and the president would be present at the same programme.

The president’s office said it was not yet confirmed whether he would attend the reception.

MANISHA’S PREVIOUS LIAISONS – The private life of a public personality, all that over now, a new beginning, sincerely hope so  ?!! And, so what, no use hiding the past or getting embarrassed by it, a modern outlook on tolerance, compromise, love and the future of Nepal ?!!

From Voice of Nepal

Falling in and out of love seems like a regular exercise for commitment-phobic Manisha Koirala.

Now barely a month after breaking up with Akshay, Manisha’s got a new guy, her neighbour and music director, Sandeep Chowta. Man !!!

Will Manisha be lucky in love this time? ON THE work front there’s little to write about. Manisha Koirala but when it comes to her personal life, Manisha keeps the Press busy with her liaisons and flings.

Recently she broke-up with boyfriend-of-a year Akshay, apparently because she wanted to get married and settle down with him. 25-year-old Akshay, an Indian from Australia, had come to Mumbai to become an actor and is yet to make a mark in the industry. Naturally, marriage was a big ‘NO’ for him.

Manisha who was living in with Akshay at her suburban apartment asked Akshay to leave when he, reportedly told her that he didn’t want to marry in the near future either. While Manisha accepts that she’s no longer with Akshay, she refuses to confirm the reason for her break-up with him.

“We are no longer together but don’t ask me for the reasons as they are too personal,” she says. Manisha’s sudden desire for marriage and settling down and that too with a newcomer comes as a shock as Manisha has always eluded marriage in the past. A source close to the actress says that she’s desperate to settle down and is longing for some stability.

“Her films aren’t doing too well and she’s in her early 30’s! This is the best time for her to marry and she’s realised that. So she’s desperate.”

In the past Manisha had dragged Crispin Conroy and Cecil Anthony, both of foreign origin, till the altar only to dump them at the eleventh hour.

Manisha had then said that, “I think the timing wasn’t correct. I want to marry for the right reasons and not because my biological clock is ticking away. I believe in the institution of marriage and want it to be permanent.”

Love on rebound. It’s been barely a month that she broke-up with Akshay, and rumours of an affair with music director Sandeep Chowta are doing the rounds.

Chowta reportedly is a neighbour and old friend of Manisha and the two are spending a lot of time with each other these days. Chowta who broke into the music scene with Mast has in the past been linked to television actress Urvashi Dholakia, Shilpa Shetty and Sushmita Sen.

A well-placed source in the industry reveals that if Manisha is looking for settling down and commitment then Chowta is definitely a wrong choice. “An extremely talented music-director Chowta is commitment phobic and apparently that’s one of the reasons why he split with Shilpa Shetty. But Manisha could change him!”

Will Manisha’s views on marriage change Chowta? For that we’ll have to wait. Meanwhile we can only hope that this Nepali beauty who was once hailed as the next Madhuri Dixit gets lucky in love this time.

Ex-files A self-confessed romantic Manisha’s fallen in love many times and her choice in men has always been rather unconventional.

Here’s a list of her exes… true or false ?!!

Vivek Mushran: Her co-star in her debut film Saudagar, Manisha dated Vivek during her initial days in the industry. Unfortunately while Manisha went on to get good film offers such as 1942 A Love Story and Bombay Vivek was just a one hit wonder as none of his other films did well at the box-office. Currently he acts in Bhojpuri films and television soaps.

Crispin Conroy: The Australian Ambassador to Nepal, Manisha and Crispin dated for a long time. Crispin was reportedly madly in love with Manisha and the couple even got engaged in 2000 but a year later Manisha broke the engagement saying that she wasn’t prepared for marriage.

Nana Patekar: After breaking-up with Crispin, Manisha walked into the arms of her Agnisakshi co-star Nana Patekar, a married man. While Manisha hoped that Nana would leave his wife for her, it never happened and Manisha was left dejected and depressed.

DJ Whosane: After her break-up with Nana, Manisha was emotionally hurt and during this time she met Whosane. She had confessed that he had helped her fight her emotional battles. They were even living together but the moment Whosane talked about marriage Manisha chickened.

Cecil Anthony: In 2003 Manisha went to London to study film-making and that is when she met Cecil, a London based Nigerian businessman. The couple started a long-distance relationship with Manisha making frequent trips to London. They were also discussing marriage until Manisha decided to have a small fling with newcomer Aryan Vaid.

Aryan Vaid: Manisha fell for the newcomer while working with him in Market a C-grade film, infact Manisha did another C-grade film Chahat Ek Nasha just to be with Aryan. While she thought that Aryan wouldn’t talk about their relationship, Aryan spoke about it and derived immense publicity from this affair.

Prashant Chaudhari: Manisha and restaurateur Prashant Chaudhari had a whirlwind affair and it seemed that Manisha had found a soul mate in the younger Prashant but apparently Prashant’s family wasn’t too keen on the relationship and the couple broke-off.

Akshay: An Australian of Indian origin Manisha dated Akshay for about a year. She was seen at all the parties and society events with him. A struggler, Akshay and Manisha recently split because Manisha wanted to marry him while Akshay didn’t.

In conclusion: Samrat Dahal – as the saying goes – “Marriages are made in Heaven” ?!!


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