WORLD CUP FOOTBALL FINALS: FIFA Octopus, Paul Allen, will Predict the “Spain vs Netherland” FIFA FINALS World Cup 2010


WORLD CUP FOOTBALL FINALS: FIFA Octopus, Paul Allen, will Predict the “Spain vs Netherland” FIFA FINALS World Cup 2010 – who you gonna call ?!! OCTOPUSSY !!!

Oberhausen Aquarium where Paul the Psychic Octopus lives correctly predicting the Spanish win - got it wrong just once in 2008 ?!!


July 08th, 2010: FIFA Octopus Paul Allen Will Predict Spain vs Netherland FIFA World Cup 2010 Finals’ Neither Spain, nor Netherlands have ever won a World Cup, so it will be history for either of them if they win the match.

Spain defeated Germany in their semifinal match and Netherlands defeated Paraguay to make it to the finals.

Out of both these teams Netherlands have not lost a single match in this World Cup, in fact they have won all their matches. Spain on the other hand have played really good football to come to the final.

After the accurate prediction of the semi finals now Paul The Psychic Oracle Octopus gets ready to predict the world cup fifa 2010 soccer final match which is on Sunday between Spain Vs Holland.

In the iconic clash of Argentina and Germany, Paul had sealed the fate of the former and octopus fifa predicted the end of its World Cup tryst and so it turned out. Last night Germany’s fate was similarly decided.

After Germany Vs Spain Fifa 2010 prediction, everyone is waiting for him to predict winner of Fifa Finals World Cup 2010.

Octopus Football Facts are very accurate and Octopus Paul Allen is gaining fame for it.

Germans fed up with their octopus – will he get it right again or will he be made into sushi ?!!

The German disappointment and disillusion with Paul Allen the octopus - what is the world coming to ?!!


Johannesburg / New Delhi, July 09, 2010 01:09 IST: Paul the Octopus maintained his amazing run of FIFA World Cup predictions with Spain’s 1-0 win over Germany and became a hero for all Spaniards.

(Special: Watch how Paul predicted FIFA World Cup matches)

But now, the eight-legged oracle is in trouble – with German fans.

After predicting Germany’s defeat to Spain in the semis, he’s now on some hate lists with many Germans suggesting that he be eaten.

“Octopuses are eight-legged something something, so you can’t trust them!” a German fan said.

“I hope the Germans don’t have him for sushi tomorrow. I request you all to please leave him alone,” says a concerned Paul fan.

Paul has been making predictions since Euro 2008 where the only result he got wrong was the final when Spain beat Germany. And whether you like his predictions or not, Paul certainly gets them right. So the octopus is now an international celebrity.

“I’ve an octopus on my Dutch cap because I believe Holland will win,” an ecstatic Netherlands fan said.

And Paul’s clearly started a trend because a bird in Allahabad is into the act as well, picking Spain for the final. So are you going to listen to a bird (brain) or an octopus, which supposedly has nine brains – one in its head and eight in its tentacles?


Psychic Octopus Paul’s 2010 World Cup Final Prediction – wanna bet ?!!

BY Neil Roarty – 8 Jul 2010

The World waits for German Media Sensation Psychic Octopus Paul’s next prediction on the 2010 World Cup Finals

Bettingpro staff writers are in round-the-clock contact with the Oberhausen Aquarium where Paul the Psychic Octopus lives. They are going to be updating our facebook fan page the minute Paul delivers his World Cup Final prediction. If you’re not a fan of our page fan it now!

Update – Titanbet is offering all Bettingpro readers a £5 / $7 free bet on the 2010 World Cup Finals NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED!  Check out the Titanbet £5/ $7 free bet page here. PLUS fun loving bookie Paddypower is offering all readers £100 free bet!

William Hill bookmakers are offering even money on whichever of the two World Cup finalists Paul the Psychic Octopus picks to win the 2010 World Cup. If you go to William Hill’s Octopus Betting page you can bet on whether he will get the winner right or not!

Paul, who has been correct in every one of his picks so far during the tournament in South Africa, including Germany’s semi-final defeat to Spain, will now select between Holland and Spain and Hills are offering even money if you bet the octopus’ prediction before it is made.

If you don’t fancy siding with the psychic octopus, you can make your own selection on who will win the 2010 World Cup final at William Hill, with the firm offering odds of 4/7 that Spain lift the trophy and 6/4 that Holland are the World Cup winners.


In a lighter vein, for those who must know beforehand, please check out: –


4 Responses to “WORLD CUP FOOTBALL FINALS: FIFA Octopus, Paul Allen, will Predict the “Spain vs Netherland” FIFA FINALS World Cup 2010”

  1. SocialNetworking-Review Says:

    I also believe that Spain will be a Winner!

    (Good Luck – Editor)

  2. Mohatov Says:

    Please tell me how you predict matches.

    (Unfortunately, not in that profession or passion. Maybe Paul the psychic octopus may be better at it – Editor)

  3. JOBS Says:

    Can Octopus Paul predict for individual?

    (No idea, dear reader, best to ask Paul the Octopus – Editor)

  4. Jay Cool Guy Says:

    Paul the octopus is the real winner of this world cup predicting 8 out of 8 – well done

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