GORKHA ADIVASI POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS: Adivasis reaffirm faith in ‘Gorkha Adivasi Pradesh’ statehood proposal

Gorkha Adivasi meet - expanding the "Separation from Bengal" call ?!! (TV extract from News 7)

GORKHA ADIVASI POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS: Adivasis reaffirm faith in ‘Gorkha Adivasi Pradesh’ statehood proposal – Bengal with Gorkha opposition still stuck on belated development candy overdrive & still for perpetuation of the 23 year old defunct DGHC, not noble enough nor willing to face the reality of ‘consensus lost’ and need for diplomatic ‘territory issue’ finalization ?!!

The Indian, GJM and AVP flags together, inset Samuel Gurung - reaffirming solidarity against Bengal's misrule ?!! (TV extract from News 7)

From our special News Correspondent

Kalimpong, July 11, 2010: A 13 member Adivasi delegation led by AVP leader John Barla met the GJM Dooars President Samuel Gurung and other Gorkha delegates at Gorubathan’s Parijat Guest House, yesterday and reaffirmed their faith in the ‘Gorkha Adivasi Pradesh’ statehood proposal put forward by the GJM at the May 30, 2010 ‘Maha Rally’ held in Darjeeling.

Speaking on the occasion, Samuel Gurung said, “This meeting was held in a very  cordially warm atmosphere, where the Adivasi delegation gave a formal nod to the ‘Gorkha Adivasi Pradesh’ proposal, earlier put forward by us, and is another step forward for our joint statehood cause.”

During the discussions, Samuel Gurung said, ”When we asked them (the AVP) about the ‘Gorkha Adivasi Pradesh’ statehood proposal, and what response they had, they (the Adivasis) said that they would call a central committee meeting, within the next few days, wherein they would further discuss the matter and come to a formal conclusion and thereafter would let us know.”

Explaining the nature of this meeting, Samuel Gurung said, this meeting was held to primarily explain the rights and privileges of statehood in India and to probe and find out the stand of the Adivasis vis-à-vis the current political developments and added, “we came to understand that there was absolutely no objection to the ‘Gorkha Adivasi Pradesh’ statehood ideal.

When asked if there had been any conditions put forward by the Adivasis, Mr Gurung replied, “there had been no conditions what-so-ever” put forward by the Adivasis and that their primary objective at the said meeting “was to understand in more detail about what rights we (the Gorkhas and Adivasis) would enjoy and what benefits we would have under the new statehood.”

Samuel Gurung also went on to add on the issue of 18 point agenda that had been put forward to the Bengal State Government he said, “The Adivasis made it clear to us that they understood that said proposal was just a ruse to divert their attention and that they were aware of this and told us to stay unconcerned and that they would not be party to the Bengal State Government’s diversionary tactics.”

When questioned on when the next formal meeting would be held, Samuel Gurung stated that it would be held within the next few weeks.


Tamta’s wife joins fray, complains to CM about DGP – enjoying the perks of political activism folly ?!!

'Blood on the streets of Darjeeling' - still not bearing even moral responsibility for 'murder most foul' during KL Tamta's incompetent watch ?!!

From Indian Express
By Sabyasachi Bandopadhyay

Kolkata, Sat Jul 10 2010, 02:11 hrs: Former inspector general of north Bengal Kundan Lal Tamta’s wife has joined the warpath tread by her husband against West Bengal’s top cop Bhupinder Singh.

Anindita Banerjee Tamta has written to chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, accusing the director general of police of “tormenting her and her family” and even alleging Singh had “sabotaged” her husband’s investigations into the murder of All India Gorkha League president Madan Tamang. She has said 40 to 42 people arrested after the murder were released.

The letter to Bhattacharjee on June 28 mentions Anindita and her children had gone through “trauma and agony” because of DGP Singh’s attitude towards the IG. She has said she will move all forums to protest the DGP’s behaviour.

Tamta’s relations soured with the DGP after his transfer order was out mid-June, bringing him from north Bengal to IG, planning. The local CPM unit, led by Urban Development minister Ashok Bhattacharya, had lobbied for him to be retained in his last post.

Tamta had also made a similar request to Home Secretary Samar Ghosh. The request, however, was turned down and the officer joined duty on Thursday as adviser, security and vigilance, West Bengal Electricity Distribution Company.


One Response to “GORKHA ADIVASI POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS: Adivasis reaffirm faith in ‘Gorkha Adivasi Pradesh’ statehood proposal”

  1. Madhubaganiar Says:

    It is nice to hear about a joint meeting of Adivasi Vikas Parishad and Gorkha Janmukti Morcha. This will lead to understand each other in context of Gorkha and Adivasi Pradesh.

    So far Adivasi were averse to sit with Gorkha because there were many issues to be sorted out from each other.

    On one hand Gorkhas are emphasizing on their identity in the periphery of India union, and the other hand Adivasis are struggling for garnering a conducive level playing conditions for socio-economical development.

    There is significant proof of socio economic development in the hills, however, Adivasis of Dooars were not given good opportunities for the same. Rather they were suppressed systematically and made backward purposely and intentionally.

    For getting helping hand from the Adivasis, GJM has to play transparent cards in every respect, otherwise those leaders who are favouring a joint action for their amicably reached would not be able to carry out their promise.

    There are many areas where transparency warrants like ST reservation, employment and land rights. It has been seen that though tribal lands are not transferable, the same is rampantly being transferred to non tribal Gorkha, through hills tribal, specially in Siliguri and some other areas of North Bengal. These issues may dampen the friendships process, if not deal transparently.

    The Govt. of West Bengal is watching very carefully each and every steps of two groups and still it has good relations with few central and regional leaders of Vikash Parishad. Therefore, meticulously and transparently chalked out agreements have to be agreed upon it.

    (Paraphrasing slightly rearranged for clarity – Editor)

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