GORKHA ADIVASI POLITICAL SIGNIFICANCE: A day after hill meet, rift in tribal camp

GORKHA ADIVASI POLITICAL SIGNIFICANCE: A day after hill meet, rift in tribal camp – Adivasi leaders or Bengal minions ticked off ?!!

ABAVP representatives at the fallout meet on Sunday in Malbazar - Adivasi leaders or Bengal's minions ?!! (Darpan)


Siliguri, July 11: A day after a meeting with the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha in Kalimpong, the Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikas Parishad continues to differ on the proposed alliance with the hill party.

The leaders of the Dooars-Terai unit of the Parishad, which had held the first “formal” meeting with Bimal Gurung’s outfit at Gorubathan yesterday, said they found nothing wrong in joining hands with the Morcha as long as there was a common interest.

The Parishad meeting at Malbazar on Sunday - Bengal's unsavory provenance since Independence in 1947 now exposed ?!! (Photo by Biplab Basak)

But state leaders, after a meeting today with the regional leadership in Jalpaiguri’s Malbazar, said they had reservations about joining the Morcha movement for a separate state of Gorkha Adivasi Pradesh.

John Barla, the president of the Dooars-Terai unit who had led the tribal delegation to Gorubathan, said: “Both the Adivasis and the Gorkhas inhabit the Dooars and the Terai. Our intention is to stay in peace and carry out a movement to achieve socio-economic development for the area. We have no reservations about sitting across the table with the Morcha.”

State leaders chose to ignore the Gorubathan meet. “Yesterday’s meeting was not formal. Only some regional leaders of our organisation had been to Gorubathan to hear out the Morcha leadership,” said Birsa Tirkey, the state president of the Parishad.

He was silent when told that yesterday’s meeting was held after a communication between the two sides in writing. “They (the Morcha) have not made any commitments to us and we will carry out our movement to attain Sixth Schedule as we have been doing so far,” Tirkey said. (has Bengal ever since independence in 1947 ?!!)

The difference of opinion among the Parishad leaders cropped up after Morcha president Bimal Gurung in an announcement in May re-christened Gorkhaland to Gorkha Adivasi Pradesh to woo the tribals. This was followed by a Morcha letter to Barla with a request to support its statehood movement.

The rift within the Parishad came to the fore today all the more when the state leaders repeatedly evaded questions on the hill meeting. “We do not support the idea of joining the Morcha and have decided to carry out our movement for issues like increase in tea wages, conferring land rights on tea workers and establishments of educational institutions and hospitals in the Dooars,” the state president said.

Barla, however, said the regional unit wanted to form a joint platform with the Morcha to achieve the rights of tea workers. “We will never join hands with Citu and Intuc which have exploited our people over the years.”


Adivasi Gorkha Secret talk – secret (sic*), what secret, or rather ‘open secret’  –  spin with a purpose ?!!

GJM delegation with John Barla and other ABAVP representatives - classic pro-Bengal's tinted (sic*) journalism ?!! (Photo by Darpan)

From Kalimnews

Kalimpong, July 11, 2010: ABAVP and GJMM leaders met yesterday in Parijat Tourist Lodge in Gorubathan to halve discussion on vital issues like GAP. In the meeting leaders of both the parties tried to clear their queries.

GJMM leaders Roshan Giri, Samuel Gurung , Pradip Pradan Chandra Yonzone, Dr H.B.Chhetri, Binay Tamang, Santosh Rai and Vishal Lama tried to clarify regarding the concept of Gorkha Adivasi Pradesh .

But the ABAVP leaders were not satisfied with the answers of their queries, mentioned a ABAVP leader. (wonder who ?!!) They said that they will decide on the matter on Sunday’s meeting of ABAVP to be held in MalBazar and inform GJMM regarding their decision on GAP.

Meanwhile GJMM leaders said that the meeting was fruitfull as both the partied decided to maintain peace in the Dooars and restrain from violence.

John Barla President of Dooars branch of ABAVP and Sushil Tirky and Rajesh Toppo stated that we asked them which Adivasi will be in GAP, whether it is the Gorkha or the Adivasi of Jharkhand which they could not clarify as we desired. (obviously sic* ?!!)

Questions like why could not DGHC function well and no prominent development was made though crores were granted by the government and the present GJMM leaders like Bimal were closest to Ghising and if the influx of Nepali from Nepal results to Greater Nepal what would be the fate of Adivasis could not be answered well. (the snide CPM bogey of Gorkhasthan that historically deprived the Gorkhas their rights, forever ?!!)

Tulsi Oraon, Suresh Toppo, Rajesh Toppo, Peter Minj, Chandan Lohar, Babulal Kujur, Binod Toppo, Sohan Lakra and Tulsi Oraon represented ABAVP

Birsa Tirky and Tej Kumar Toppo the President and Secretary of the State ABAVP stated that they didnot know about the meeting as the branch committee leaders didnt inform them about it.

Dr. H.B.Chhetri and Binay Tamang of GJMM confirmed that the meeting was fruitful and some conclusive decision have been made and the process will continue. It is also learnt that on 20th July both the party leaders will meet for further decisions and agreements to be made for supporting each other.


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