OPINION: We are all the agents of the Communist Government of West Bengal

OPINION: We are all the agents of the Communist Government of West Bengal – as well as  agents of the Central Government of India too ?!!

Gorkhs Daju

Forwarded by Gorkhs Daju

[The author of this article is entirely responsible for the opinions expressed in this article.]

(Paraphrasing remixed for clarity – Editor)

The silence in Darjeeling today was punctured by infinite murmurs of people talking about the transcripts of calls made between Roshan Giri, Bimal Gurung and other GJM cadres before, during and after the assassination of Madan Tamang.

Indeed in the history of Darjeeling Hills and the Gorkhaland Movement, there has never been such an instance when such evidence of a political assassination has been made public in such a manner.

First of all, the Government of West Bengal and indeed the Chief Minister of West Bengal Buddhadev Bhattacharya is guilty of sitting on the evidence and trying his best to cover up the issue to the extent of transferring the investigating officer.

What is even more maligning is the fact that the Chief Minister of West Bengal welcomed a Gorkha League delegation in Calcutta led by Tamang’s widow Bharati Tamang and promised her of justice when all the while the Chief Minister was sitting on the evidence and offering protection to the people who had had hand in the assassination of the Gorkha League President.

The Government of West Bengal is at this moment negotiating with the GJM in the issue of who is to be chosen as the Caretaker Chairman of Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, this when GJM is not an elected party coupled with the fact that the Government already possesses evidences implicating the leaders and the cadres of the party in the assassination of another political leader.

This is truly the one of the greatest mystery of Indian politics. Whether bloggers here condemn me as  madman and my theories as absurd but the fact remains that the Gorkhaland movement is no longer a movement to champion the cause of us Gorkhas, it is merely a power struggle where the Government of West Bengal is ‘hand in glove’ with the political party in power in the hills, in this case Gorkha Janmukti Morcha.

And in continuance of its ‘Colonial rule’ in Darjeeling Hills it has not just allowed Bimal Gurung and the likes to function in the hills but has funded and protected them in every way they can much like it had done with Subash Ghisingh and GNLF, offering them an open hand in the administration of Darjeeling Hills.

And as is the norm, tomorrow, the GJM will condemn the evidence brought to light by the Indian Express Exposure and call for an intensification of the movement. The GJM will also threaten saying that if any party leader is touched by the police, the entire hills will burn. And as it if on que, the Government will seemingly capitulate to the GJM and call for a meeting with the party.

An interim setup will be proposed for the ‘restoration of peace’ and ‘in the larger interest of the people in the Hills’. The GJM will accept and the party elected to power. Two years later once again we will be in the streets fighting for Gorkhaland.

If GJM is wise enough and ‘workable enough’ it would still be in the ‘power in the hills’ leading the struggle for Gorkhaland, if not it’s leadership will be replaced by other leaders or the party itself will be replaced by another party once again with the clandestine financial and logistic support of the Government of West Bengal.

It will in turn remain as the most powerful party in the hills as long as it is able to maintain a ‘clandestine workable’ relationship with the West Bengal Government. Call me ‘Conspiracy Theory’ junky but fact is fact and often the most absurd of things is the most obvious thing and probably the closest to the truth.

And last but not the least for all over fellow bloggers and commentators here are some things to ponder upon: are we really striving towards Gorkhaland or simply being pawns in the hands of powers to be trying to further their own power?

The Communist Government of West Bengal has failed everyone in the state be it a Bengali, Rajbanshi, Santhal or Gorkha.

It not a surprise either that West Bengal is the only state in India which suffers from three statehood movements viz Greater Coochbehar, Kamtapur and Gorkhaland coupled with the naxalite movement in probably every villages of the state.

The economy in the state has also gone from bad to worse and the Communist Government has so far only been able to rule Bengal by forcing upon the people its Communist hegemony and fueling statehood movements so that the people at large will remain busy confronting the state and locked in an unending political struggle not being able to concentrate in the real development of the self and the society.

The ABAVP, GJM, KPP etc are thence the direct and indirect agents of the Communist Government dedicated to the continuance of the Communist rule in the region and the state.

Paradoxically that would also make all the doggone supporters of these party who spend every minute of their existence cursing the Communist Government of West Bengal as their mortal enemy, the agents of the Communist Government who have been doing what the Communist Government of West Bengal exactly wants them to do.

So do think twice before you condemn me, praise the goodness of the GJM leaders and curse the Communist Government because that is exactly what you are meant to do.

I for one would not to argue with you, you will do what you are meant to do, play your role in the general scheme of things… you may never suspect, you may even stare at the mirror and say I have nothing to do with the Communist Government of West Bengal, it is a lie, it cannot be… I cannot be an agent of this Government, not when I am against it, not when I don’t even want to stay in this state… you are… because that it is what you are meant to believe…

Every time you curse and stench this forum or others or go to the streets crying ‘Bimal Gurung we are with you, we will put down our life before anyone is able to touch your hair. Death to Bengal’, you are doing your duty towards the state, towards the Communist Government of West Bengal. You are the agent of the Communist Government of West Bengal…

WE, are all the agents of the Communist Government of West Bengal. RIP!


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