EDUCATION: Students doubt seat relief – Colleges undecided on opening new sections

EDUCATION: Students doubt seat relief – Colleges undecided on opening new sections – typically Bengal ?!!

Siliguri College of Commerce, the only institution that announced on Friday a new section would be opened - but still no hope ?!! (Photo by Kundan Yolmo)


Siliguri, July 16: Students who have not been admitted to any college in and around Siliguri are still not sure if they will be accommodated as institutions are nonchalant about opening new sections in undergraduate general courses.

While some institutions claimed that they had accommodated all applicants, others complained that they faced space crunch and could not afford to take more students.

North Bengal University had yesterday allowed the affiliated colleges to open new sections in the general courses to accommodate around 3,000 additional students. The admission date for the colleges spread across Darjeeling, Cooch Behar and Jalpaiguri districts has been extended to July 23.

A student, who has applied for BCom general in Bagdogra College, said: “The varsity’s decision came as a relief but we are yet to get a confirmation from the college authorities as to whether they will open a new section or not. We had approached the college principal yesterday but he told us that the matter would be finalised after a meeting that would take place in a day or two.”

Asked if new sections would be launched at Bagdogra College, the principal, Ranjit Das, said: “I am not the one to decide. The governing body will sit for a meeting where a decision will be taken.”

The SFI had organised a three-day strike at Bagdogra College last week, demanding admission for all those students who had submitted applications to the institution.

Another student who had applied for BA general at Surya Sen College doubted if a new section could be started by July 23.

“The admission date has been extended only for a week and we do not know if the college will open the new section to accommodate us. I hope they take a decision soon,” she said.

Surya Sen College said there were no more rooms left vacant at the institution to start new batches.

“We have already taken around 600 students in BA, 350 in BCom and 90 in BSc — in honours and general together — but the admission problem still persists. The college is overburdened with admissions and it will be a problem opening a new section as there is lack of space. The final decision will be taken after a governing body meeting,” said Sutapa Saha, the teacher-in-charge of Surya Sen College.

So far, only Siliguri College of Commerce has decided to open a new section.

“We will open a new section to accommodate additional students. According to the varsity statute, 150 students can be admitted to a new section but we will be able to take in only 90 applicants as there is a space crunch,” said principal Ashim Mukherjee.

Nearly 1,130 students have been denied admissions to colleges in Siliguri subdivision for lack of seats.

Ruma Bhowmik Sengupta, the principal of Siliguri Women’s College, said her institution was not facing any admission problem. “We have admitted all the students who applied for courses in our college. So, there is no need to open a new section,” she said.

Siliguri College said there was no scope for a further increase in the number of seats at the institute. “We have already enhanced BA general seats by 150 and BSc general seats by around 100. So, we cannot take in more students,” said Malay Karanjai, the principal.


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