OPINION: Phone Transcript Expose – just political ruse without credibility

OPINION: Phone Transcript Expose – just political ruse without credibility – what more can Bengal come up with ?!!

Gorkhs Daju

By Gorkhs Daju
19 July 2010

[The author is entirely responsible for the opinions expressed in this article.]

After analysing the contents of the damaging Indian Express phone transcripts, that have no ‘clinical verification’, and is ‘totally illegal’ as well as could not have been ‘remotely possible’, due to its ‘sensitive nature’ (meant only for known and tracked terrorists) as well as the ‘timing’ of the whole affair … I have come to the bitter conclusion that the transcripts are a blatant ‘political ruse’ to further ‘confuse and demoralize’ the Gorkha people fighting for a ‘just and constitutional’ cause.

Furthermore, the repeated mistakes of the ‘once thought of as prestigious’ Indian Express in repeatedly calling the ABGL the “All Bengal Gorkha League” goes to further question this newspaper’s authentic credibility.

Now for the supporters of the ABGL and other anti-GJM forces to base their ‘whole’ agitation on ‘only’ the damaging ‘phone transcripts’ is rather ridiculous.

For true justice to be done, the Administration has to apprehend the true killers at large and the Gorkha public must base their allegations on proven facts and not on innuendos or conspiracy theories.

In writing this comment, I am in no way ‘condoning’ the murder nor siding with the ‘murderers’. I am merely stating that innocent people should be given ‘true and verified facts’ to make their judgments before condemning a section of people they ‘suspect’ to be involved in the murder of Gorkha leader Madan Tamang.

Let the killers of Madan Tamang be first brought to unquestioned justice.

Meanwhile, let the dialogues towards a just political settlement continue before every Gorkha innocent is also pushed towards turning into, just another killer.


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