ACCIDENT WATCH: MiG hits huts, kills 2

ACCIDENT WATCH: MiG hits huts, kills 2 – abysmal records, no ground compensation, need total recall of India’s proud flying coffins  ?!!

Mangled remains of the crashed MiG-27 in Jalpaiguri - a rude shock for Moynaguri residents, IAF quiet ?!! (Photo by Biplab Basak)


Siliguri, July 24: A MiG-27 fighter today crashed in a field in Jalpaiguri, burst into flames and skidded into huts nearby, killing two persons and injuring at least 20.

The pilot, Saket Verma, survived but was injured.

Officials said the IAF plane was on a routine sortie. It took off from the Hasimara Air Base in Jalpaiguri at 10.30am and crashed into the agricultural field in Dakshin Gurudebpur village 15 minutes later.

Bholen Roy, 55, was killed after the plane smashed into his hut. His younger brother Ranjit is in hospital with 100 per cent burns.

The MiG-27 also ploughed into the hut of Sunil Roy, injuring his wife Jaya and three children. Four other kids who were playing with the trio in front of Roy’s home were also injured. Later, one of Roy’s three children, Latika, died of her injuries in hospital.

“We were working in the field close to our house when we saw the plane crashing down with a deafening noise. We ran for our lives,” said Prabir, another of Bholen’s brothers.

Suresh Chandra Bhowmik, the superintendent of Jalpaiguri District Hospital where the injured were taken, said most of the 20 had severe burns.

Twelve MiG aircraft have crashed in north Bengal since 2002, including three this year.


Capsize death

Balurghat, July 24: One person died and at least 45 others were missing after a boat carrying over 100 people capsized in the Atrayee river near Safanagar Ghat in South Dinajpur this afternoon.


BREAKING NEWS: MiG 27 crashes into Bengal village, 1 killed – the cause still not disclosed, poor maintenance or faulty design ?!!

An earlier crash also in Jalpaiguri - Mig 27s dubbed India's flying coffins ?!! (AFP)

From IBN Live

Jalpaiguri, Jul 24, 2010 at 13:38 (PTI): A MiG-27 fighter jet of the Indian Air Force on Saturday crashed in a field, killing one person on the ground and injuring 25 others, five of them critically, at Bhotputti village in West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district.

The pilot, Saket Verma, ejected from the aircraft but was injured and has been hospitalised, Superintendent of Police Anand Kumar said.

Inspector General of Police (North Bengal) Ranveer Kumar said that a farmer, B Rai, who was cultivating his field was killed when the MIG crashed between Moynaguri and Chengrabandha.


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