CRIME WATCH: Boy slashed after tease protest – Blade strike and blow-up threat to settle scores at educational institutions

CRIME WATCH: Boy slashed after tease protest – Blade strike and blow-up threat to settle scores at educational institutions – wrong socio-cultural education, crime never pays and is nothing to show-off about ?!!

Class Crime - wrong religious dogma ?!!


Malda, July 23: A Class XI boy’s throat was slashed by a student two years his junior with a shaving blade over an alleged eve teasing at a madrasa in Kaliachak this morning.

Naibul Sheikh was admitted to the Malda District Hospital with a cut on the left side of the neck. Doctors said his condition was stable.

Sources at Mothabari Amritola High Madrasa said the trouble had begun at 7am when a group of Class IX boys had been passing lewd comments on some girls on the school compound.

“The classes had just started. Naibul Sheikh was watching the goings-on from the balcony. He came down and protested. A scuffle broke out and Naibul was beaten up by the Class IX students. A teacher, Sheikh Ahamatullah, intervened and brought the situation under control,” said a source.

Lying on the hospital bed here, Naibul said he was sitting downstairs when Rehman Ali (name changed) and others in his class pounced on him and slashed his throat with a shaving blade.

“I was shocked and there was a searing pain on my neck. I was bleeding profusely and started screaming. Others rushed in to help me, but Rehman ran away,” said Naibul.

He was quickly put in a car and taken to the district hospital, 25km away. The attack took place during the break at 9am.

The superintendent of the district hospital, Himadri Ari, said the boy had a narrow escape as the slash had not been deep enough to cut the veins in the area where serious injuries would have caused profuse bleeding. “We have put eight stitches on his neck,” said Ari.

Police said there could be a strong possibility that the incident was a fallout of Naibul and Rehman trying to woo a girl studying in Class VIII.

“We have found out that both the boys were vying for the attention of the same girl and the scuffle and slash was a sequel to the rivalry,” said an officer at Kaliachak police station.

The headmaster of the madrasa, Roushan Jamal, said this was the first such incident at his institution. “There was a minor scuffle over the teasing of the girls when the classes began and that had been taken care of by the teachers. None of us thought that such a small incident would lead to such a violent act,” said Jamal.

He confirmed that the attack had been carried out by a Class IX boy and the others with him were being identified. “The injured boy was immediately taken to the district hospital. I have informed the school managing committee about the entire sequence of events. The authorities will take stern action against those involved in the attack,” said the headmaster..

The secretary of the managing committee, Khadikul Islam, said eve-teasing inside the school was not desirable. “It was a very unfortunate incident; we are shocked at the violence. I have been briefed by the headmaster and a meeting will be held to take stern action against those behind this dastardly act,” he said.

Naibul’s family has filed a complaint with the Mothabari police outpost and has also written to the madrasa authorities.

Malda police chief Bhuban Mondol said it was a matter of concern that teenage schoolboys were acting so violently. “This is a very rare incident. The police went to the school, but the boys guilty of the crime could not be located. We are looking for them and an investigation is on.”


What happened: A Class IX student slashes a senior’s throat with blade
Where: At a Malda madrasa
Why: Fight over a girl

What happened: A Class VIII student brought a bomb to school
Where: At a Murshidabad school
Why: To “teach a lesson” to a senior with whom he had a fight


What boys pack in schoolbags: bomb, blade – ‘Blow-up’ bid to get even – the ‘Bin Laden Syndrome’ to end up like Saddam, not enough TV ?!!


Behrampore, July 23: A Class VIII student in Murshidabad today took a bomb to school, apparently to teach a senior “a lesson” for beating him up yesterday.

Manirul Sheikh (name changed), 14, said he had bought the bomb for Rs 100 from a man in his village, Chandrasinghabati in Kandi.

Manirul had had a fight with Class X student Tapesh Ghosh (name changed) while returning home from Chatinakandi Gurupada High School on Thursday, police said.

Before the prayer meeting today, Manirul asked some of his friends if they had seen Tapesh. He bragged that he had a bomb in his schoolbag and would “blow up” the older boy. Tapesh, however, had not come to school today because he was unwell.

Some of Manirul’s classmates informed life science teacher Dhananjoy Mondal about the bomb. “I took Manirul to a classroom and fetched a bucket of water. I asked the other students to leave the room and told Manirul to hand the bomb over to me. He took the bomb out of his bag and gave it to me. I immediately put it into the water,” Mondal said.

The boy was made to sit in the staff room till the police arrived and took him into custody. “We are investigating how such a young boy could get a bomb so easily,” said B.L. Meena, the district superintendent of police.

Intelligence officials said bombs were smuggled into Murshidabad’s Khargram, Islampur and Samsergunj from neighbouring Jharkhand. Priced at Rs 80-100, they were used during political clashes.

Tapesh said he had beaten up Manirul but “never thought he would try to kill me”.

An officer said Manirul had proposed to a classmate who had complained to Tapesh. The senior boy had accosted Manirul outside school.

“After taking a few blows from Tapesh, Manirul said he would teach him a lesson the next day,” the officer said.


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