SIKKIM NEWS: Graft booklet bundle of lies: SDF

SIKKIM NEWS: Graft booklet bundle of lies: SDF – ‘mahaloot’ turns into ‘mahajhoot’, puts SDF on defensive, IT raids next ?!!

SDF members in a huddle - simple: turn "Mahaloot" into "Mahajhoot" and hope the public and the CBI will buy that ?!! (Darpan)


Gangtok, July 27: The ruling Sikkim Democratic Front today described as a “bundle of lies” the allegations of corruption levelled by the Congress against the chief minister and its other SDF leaders and said it was contemplating legal action against the Opposition party.

“The booklet released yesterday by the Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee led by its president Nar Bahadur Bhandari is not Sikkim Mahaloot but Sikkim Mahajhoot (great lies). The allegations made in the book against chief minister Pawan Chamling, five ministers and seven former ministers are a bundle of lies,” said Bhim Dahal, the SDF spokesperson, at a media conference in the party office here.

In fact, it was Bhandari who had been convicted in two CBI cases in the past, the spokesperson said. “The SPCC president himself had been sentenced a couple of times in the CBI cases. Now he is drubbing everyone else corrupt and demanding a CBI probe.”

Bhandari, a three-time chief minister, had been convicted and sentenced by a designated CBI court in 2007 and 2008 on corruption charges. He has appealed in the high court against the conviction.

A former MP, Dahal said the corruption allegations against his party leaders were nothing new. “Bhandari has been filing cases in courts since 1995. He had filed some 12 cases but had lost on every occasion. Having lost the legal battles, Bhandari has now come up with the booklet to defame the SDF and insult the Sikkimese who are fully behind us,” he claimed.

Dahal said the SDF had handed out comprehensive defeats to Bhandari on 10 elections since 1995. “The consecutive electoral defeats have left him very frustrated and he is now resorting to such defamatory tactics.”

“The Sikkimese believe in the SDF and not the bundle of lies from the SPCC. They have elected our party for four consecutive terms. We will prove the Congress allegations baseless in the 2014 Assembly elections too,” Dahal said.

On the SPCC plan of distributing the booklet to central leaders including UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, the SDF spokesperson said such tactic was not new.

“The Congress keeps on saying that it will go to Delhi and complain against the SDF government to the central leaders. But the fact remains that whenever the leaders from Delhi visit Sikkim, they are impressed by the development work here and praise Sikkim publicly,” Dahal countered.

The spokesperson said the party was contemplating legal actions against the SPCC editorial team on the defamatory portions of the booklet. “We are consulting our lawyers.”

On the complaints filed with the CBI, Dahal said it was up to the agency to decide on the complaints. “It is for the CBI to act,” he added.


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