SIKKIM CRIME WATCH: Meal denied, man murders wife

SIKKIM CRIME WATCH: Meal denied, man murders wife – passion unjustified, family destroyed, victims of the alcoholism disease?!!

SOCIAL AWARENESS NECESSARY: Alcoholism, A genetic disease, just like diabetes or cancer - some have it and some just don't, nothing to do with will power ?!!


Gangtok, July 30: A 40-year- old mechanic of the Sikkim transport department has been arrested for murdering his wife, a mother of two children, for allegedly refusing to serve him food.

Hari Prasad Sharma, a resident of Neopany village in Rumtek, East Sikkim, had allegedly slit her throat with a knife. Rekha bled to death at their house yesterday afternoon.

According to the in-charge of Ranipool police station, Sonam Wangchen, the local panchayat had informed him about the murder.

The villagers said the couple’s elder son was in school, and the younger son, aged around four, had gone to a crèche when the murder happened.

Alcoholism Picture - violence, lying, stealing, etc. all personality disorders which cause problems - containable through awareness and treatable rehabilitation and abstinence ?!!

Hari Prasad is employed in a workshop near Saramsa.

Although earlier he had claimed that someone had broken into their house, murdered his wife, and fled with cash and ornaments, he broke down at the police station this morning, the police said.

Hari Prasad told the police that when he returned home from work in the afternoon he found Rekha sleeping. He asked her to serve him food but she hurled abuses at him. A quarrel broke out and he hit her on the head with an utensil. “She shouted another round of obscenities, and in a fit of rage, I slit her throat with a knife,” Hari Prasad told the police.

He also confessed he had tried to cover up the crime by making up a story about a robbery in which the perpetrators fled with Rs 13,000 and gold ornaments after killing Rekha. The police said both Hari Prasad and his wife were alcoholics and used to quarrel regularly.

A case under Section 302 of the IPC has been registered at the Ranipool police station. (Now a life sentence to have natural cure ?!!)


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