ENTERTAINMENT: 1974 AD new album to release soon

ENTERTAINMENT: 1974 AD new album to release soon – the 8-18th title and solution ?!!

1974 AD boys - Kathmandu boys with a Darjeeling past ?!! (Republica)

From Republica
By Dikshya Karki

Kathmandu, August 2, 2010: At Moksh Restaurant & Bar, Jhamsikhel Adrian Pradhan, Nirakar Yakthumaba and Sanjaya Shrestha were busy for the launch of their band (1974 AD)’s eighth album — AATH ATHARA.

Having made a foray into Nepali music 15 years ago, 1974 AD has created a niche for itself among music lovers. Commenting on the band, singer Satya Raj Acharya said, “1974 AD is a band that represents Nepal internationally.
I can vouch for the band as an ideal one because each of its members is equally talented. The band members’ personality and command over the English language makes 1974 AD an internationally saleable band.”

Experimenting with the rock and modern tunes, the band has produced classic hits like Je gara jaso gara jata sukai laijau malai and sambodhan timilai . The video of the first song features Nepal Army and the second one is about late King Birendra.

“Actually we don’t count on the influence, which our songs will cast upon the audience at the time of composition,” says Nirakar Yakthumba “We sing from our hearts and that connects us with the listeners.”

Adrian Pradhan, whose strong vocals have been the signature of the band, says, “My dedication to the 1974 AD will never die.”

The band had released its latest album — On Air — in 2007. It was a mixture of classical ballads and rock compositions.

Pradhan added that the album AATH ATHARA will include rock compositions as well.

He further unfolds the mystery on how their upcoming album got its name.

“As two of our band members were born on the eighth day of the month and two on the 18th (according to English calendar), we have named the album AATH ATHARA.”
Also, keeping in view the first fact, they have included eight songs in the album.

In the meantime, Yakthumba cracks a joke yelling out Aath Athara Junga Mathara followed by roars of laughter. “Sadly only Adrian dai is the one with moustache,” puts in Shrestha.

“This is the way we work — like a family. We all are very good friends and most of all, we respect one another. Indeed, our intimacy keeps us glued,” Yakthuba says.
The band members themselves have composed all the eight songs of the upcoming album.

“Besides our own lyrics, we have songs that are penned by Pranaya Gurung and Bhim Deuja in the album,” explains Pradhan.

Even as the mesmerizing number Pijada Ko Suga, from their album (Pijada Ko Suga) released in 2004, continues to sooth the ears of listeners, 1974 AD is back with yet another likely hit Ma Ko Hoon in the new album.

The album also includes an instrumental piece Basuri by flautist Manose Singh.

Mani Ratna Shahi of TIC N TOC Music Center, New Road, says, “I hope that the new album by 1974 AD will earn kudos although the band’s latest album was not a big hit.

(AATH ATHARA will be released on August 18, 2010)


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