GORKHA ADIVASI POLITICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Hill parties formally reject ‘interim council’

GORKHA ADIVASI POLITICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Hill parties formally reject ‘interim council’ – good for the long term statehood cause, and not diluting the current ‘interim’ bargaining power ?!!

Anti GJM Front in Kolkata on Wednesday, Aug 3, 2010 - nothing on offer except rejection, even to Bengal ?!! (Dapran)

From Indian Express

Kolkata, Aug 07 2010, 02:47 hrs (ENS): Political outfits in Darjeeling, barring the GJM, formally rejected the Centre’s proposal for setting up an interim council on Thursday.

All India Gorkha League and GNLF (C) that had a meeting with state government representatives on August 3 sent their feedback on the issue of interim council saying that they would not accept interim council.

“We want a permanent solution for Darjeeling,” said AIGL leader Dawa Sherpa.

GAA is not possible to implement: Democratic Front – not in tune with the Community aspirations ?!!

Bharati Tamang with ABGL team felicitating relay hunger strikers after announcement of suspension - now not responding to Bengal also ?!! (Darjeeling Times)

From Darjeeling Times
By DT Correspondent

(Edited by Himal News for Language Clarity)

Darjeeling, August 6: The Darjeeling Democratic Front has sent their reply on the proposed ‘Gorkhaland Autonomous Authority’ (GAA) to the Bengal State Government, rejecting the proposal as ‘impossible to implement’ under the current political situation in the Darjeeling hills, reiterating its emphasis on the ‘democracy and peace’ aspect to be established earliest, as the primarily concerned in the hills.

The state government had earlier appealed to the Democratic Front for their opinion on GAA during the last bilateral meeting held in Kolkata on August 3.

The GAA was proposed, according to Bengal, by the Central government, which is to be discussed and expected to be given a final shape during the next official tripartite meeting among the Central government, State government and Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, scheduled to be held in New Delhi on August 17.

“The murder case of Madan Tamang is still pending, the common people are insecure, how one can expect free and fair elections under such a situation. People have witnessed the fate of the Sixth Schedule idea, same would follow, if they try to rush it’s implementation in the hills.” said Dawa Sherpa, working president of ABGL & Convener of Democratic Front.

The letter to state government also contains information that the ‘consent of all political parties’ over the issue is a must before implementation of any such ‘Autonomous Authority’  in the hills.


KalimNews: Democratic Front submitted its report to the State Government on the proposed GAA in negative. It sent a fax report to the govt that in no case it will accept the GAA as an alternative to the demand of a separate state Gorkhaland. In addition it has asked for descriptive report of the previous talks of secretarial and political levels.

SC prod on tea workers – 1953 act to be invoked ?!!


New Delhi, Aug. 6: The Supreme Court today directed the Centre to “deal with” the problems of workers of closed and sick tea gardens, including those in Bengal, within six months.

NGO International Union of Food had filed a petition in the apex court in 2004, saying garden owners owed around Rs 300 crore to more than 30,000 tea workers. The hospitals and schools in the tea gardens had also been shut down, denying the workers access to basic healthcare facilities and education.

The court has asked the Centre to invoke the Tea Act, 1953, which states that the government can sell tea gardens to clear the dues of the workers. The Centre can also take over closed and sick gardens under the act.

TO WHICH KALIMNEWS ADDS: (ABAVP – akhil bharatiya adivasi vikash parishad, not correct ?!!)

ABAVP demonstrations in the Dooars - GJM backed Kalchini type victory currently on their minds ?!! (File Photo)

KalimNews: AVABP will sit today at Chalsa to discuss on the invitation letter of and relation with GJMM. In the meeting it will also discuss on the present scenario of Dooars in which PPP is formed as a challenge to AVABP and the demand of the party to the state Government regarding the local and workers problems as well as the status of Dooars.

Meanwhile AVABP has prohibited appointment of Primary Teachers in primary schools, they allege that Primary school Board is trying to appoint Bengali teachers in Hindi medium schools of Dooars. In some schools the selected candidates were forcibly obstructed from joining the schools.


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