Soumya Rai makes Gorkhas proud

Soumya Rai makes Gorkhas proud – Boogie Woogie to be boycotted by hurt Gorkha Community ?!!

Gorkha Child Star Soumya Rai - made to suffer 'insult upon injury' by a Boogie Woogie, Sony Entertainment, judge with a prejudiced mind ?!!

From Darjeeling Times
By Kamal Pradhan
Edited by Himal News for clarity

New Delhi, August 14: An 8 year old child – ‘Soumya Rai’ bagged the 1st runner up title at Boogie woogie’s little champ dance competition and was a moment of joy and pride for the entire Gorkha community. She had been one of the most impressive dancers at the entire show, a very cute and smart little tiny tot.

But, the final round on13th August, 2010, brought dismay.

Gorkha Child Star Soumya Rai - dancing to awaken the 'conscience less' mind of a prejudiced Mumbai Judge - no watchman over such a judge's racially discriminatory words ?!! (Darpan)

One of the judges Ravi Behl sarcastically hinting at Soumya said, “We have to learn to handle Torches as we can at least take up the job of watchmen!”

India might have made strides in development  but the development of the Indian mindset still needs to change ?

They (the Boogie Woogie judge, Ravi Bhel) did not even spare a tiny tot…… runner up of  the kid’s championship .... Soumya Rai from Darjeeling hills.

Ridiculed by Ravi Behl judge of the famed Boogie Woogie show – a dance programme of Sony entertainment, the show now faces retaliation of the entire Gorkha community as this news seeps in.

Gorkhas and other Northeastern people have always been ridiculed as well as racially discriminated against by the ‘so-called’ socially and financially better off Indian countrymen. Time and time again the more mongoloid looking citizenship of India have had to resist such discriminatory attitudes.

Is anybody listening…..?

Souyma Rai makes Gorkhas proud, but parochial judge’s comment makes Gorkhas sadracial insult at Boogie Woogie show, or just probably bitter at not getting enough money spinning sms votes ?!!

Ravi Bhel (left) - a prejudiced Boogie Woogie Judge - should go back to making & serving 'bhel-puris' on Zoo-hu beach in Mumbai ?!!

From The Himalayan Beacon
By Rupak Chettri

Ravi Behl (Extreme Left), one of the judges of Boogie Woogie in the eye of the storm.

The racial discrimination to the people of Gorkha origin is not only the First time in India , and lots are under covered till date , I Remembered the Day when RJ Nitin of Red FM Delhi splatted Prashant Tamang and the whole of our Gorkha Community through his live show on Red FM from Delhi.

The Second Victim is Soumya Rai’ who bags the 1st Runners up title at Boogie woogie little champ dance competition, a moment of joy and bliss for the entire Gorkhas. She had been the most impressive dancer at the entire show, a very cute and smart little tiny tot.

But the final round at 13th August, 2010 brought dismay, one of the judges Mr. Ravi Behl said sarcastically hinting indirectly at Soumya, “We have to learn to handle Torches as we can at least take up the job of watchmen!”

India might have made strides of development but development of mindset needs to be done. Such is their mindset they don’t even spare a little tiny tot…… runner up of kid’s championship of Boogie woogie… Soumya Rai from Darjeeling hills ridiculed by Ravi Behl judge of famed Boogie Woogie – a dance programme of Sony entertainment.

Gorkhas and other northeastern people have always been ridiculed, racially discriminated by their own countrymen and time again they had to resist such discriminatory attitude.


2 Responses to “Soumya Rai makes Gorkhas proud”

  1. Robin C Says:

    I completely agree with the above article. Why is it that every-time one of our talent breaks through the barriers, we are not judged fairly ?


    Ravi Behl must apologize for such unprofessional comments.

    I was not amazed when Javed and Naved did not react to such comments because they know it is sensitive and that which will hurt the feelings of fellow Indians.

    Ravi should understand this if he wants to see INDIA as a united country.

    We need an apology from such characters and we must remind them that our existance is not subject to their acceptance.

    I request Himal News to take that apology from Ravi Behl and the Boogie Woogie team.

    Robin Chhetri

    (Understand your sentiments, but unfortunately, apologies cannot be ‘taken’ but willingly ‘given’, if ever, by Mr Ravi Behl himself – Editor)

  2. Robin Says:

    Mr Editor,

    Pls quit this newspaper. Sorry to say u understood all my words however you are a damn coward to take next step.

    Do not reply, I am sure u r so scared you don’t dare to put my words in your stupid paper.


    (Unfortunately, most of your earlier comments were all deleted for foul and abusive language. We, at Himal News, are not street activists and do not condone such suggestions. Maturity is our discretion and our better suggestion for all, you are free to choose. – Editor)

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