HOMELAND SECURITY: ‘Maoist’ held in Malda

HOMELAND SECURITY: ‘Maoist’ held in Malda – as repeated earlier, Siliguri Corridor under grave threat, till its too late ?!!

The infamous & sensitive Chicken's Neck above Malda District under Darjeeling - two international borders, a real threat to National Security - mismanaged by an obdurate Bengal ?!!


Malda, Aug. 17: The intelligence branch of Siliguri police arrested a suspected Maoist from the Malda Town station premises this morning after tracking him down through calls on his mobile phone.

Malda police chief Bhuban Mondol said Molin Murmu, 24, had cases under the arms act pending against him at Habibpur police station. He had also been booked earlier for waging war against the country.

“Back in May 2006, the police had raided a village in Habibpur and seized a large cache of arms, including a AK56 assault rifle. Two KLO militants were arrested at that time but Murmu had managed to give the police the slip,” Mondol said.

According to the police, the AK56 rifle was used by KLO militant Malkhan Singh alias Makhon Mondol to gun down DYFI leader Shekhar Singha in Pakua on January 22, 2006. Malkhan Singh is currently in judicial custody.

He said the KLO, along with the Maoists, were trying to make a base in the Habibpur-Bamungola area of Malda district. In November 2006, front-ranking Maoist leader Kartik Mondal was arrested from Habibpur and two carbines, a rifle and a 9mm pistol were seized. Earlier the same year in October, the police seized an AK47 rifle and some grenades from a village in Bamungola.

The Malda police chief said Murmu was a resident of Hyatpur village in Habibpur and the intelligence agencies had information that he had strong links with Maoists operating in south Bengal.

The police said the officers of the intelligence branch had been tracking him through his mobile phone and they knew he was in Malda for the past two days. Murmu was arrested while waiting to board a train to southern India.

“He was in Lalgarh for months and we have got some vital information from our initial interrogation. He was also carrying Maoist documents,” a police officer said.

The police have started interrogating Murmu to find out the exact purpose of his return to Malda. “He has cases pending against him in Habibpur police station and there is also an arrest warrant against him. Why then did he visit the district?” said Mondol.

Hand blown off in fight with cops – fast becoming a criminal haven ?!!


Malda, Aug. 17: A criminal had his hand blown off while fighting police at Gajole late last night.

The police had opened fire when a gang of criminals attacked them with bombs at Syedpur in Gajole. The law enforcers are now trying to find out if the gang, which had terrorised the locality with its extortion bids, had links with the KLO or the Maoists.

On the night of August 14, the gang had hurled a bomb at the house of Moinul Islam, the owner of a roadside eatery. The next evening, the gang members called up Moinul on his cellphone and demanded Rs 5 lakh from him. They threatened him with dire consequences if he failed to pay the amount by August 16 midnight.

Moinul lodged a complaint with Gajole police. But yesterday, when the call for money came through again, a team of plainclothes men left for the designated place along with him and the money at night.

When the criminals found that Moinul had not come alone with the money, they started firing and hurling bombs at him and the policemen. The police then retaliated.

Attracted by the sounds of guns and bombs, villagers came out of their houses and chased the gang. While other members of the gang fled, Sheikh Sarwar suffered serious injuries on the hand as a bomb burst suddenly.

The injured criminal took shelter in a house in the village. But the police followed the drops of blood and caught hold of Sarwar. He has been admitted to the district hospital.

District superintendent of police Bhuban Mondal said they were trying to find out if the gang had links with the KLO or the Maoists.

According to Mondal, Moinul is an affluent businessman who not only owns a dhaba but also deals in fish.

“We shall try to arrest other members of the gang by interrogating Moinul,” the district police chief said.


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