TOURISM: Jaldapara to get more guides

TOURISM: Jaldapara to get more guides – monopoly still in the cards ?!!


Alipurduar, Aug. 17: The forest department has decided to increase the number of guides in Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary from the next season beginning on September 15 to handle the pressure of tourists.

The number of safari cars would also go up in the sanctuary and the nearby Chilapata forest, popular with visitors from various parts of the country and abroad.

“Tourists often complaint that there are not enough guides and vehicles for the safari. To solve the problem, we have decided to increase the number of guides and safari cars,” said Om Prakash, the divisional forest officer of wildlife III.

He said 58 youths from the nearby forest villages would be trained as guides. Currently, the sanctuary has 42 tourist guides.

The training programme would be held at the Madarihat Nature Interpretation Centre from August 21 to 23.

“We are increasing the number of guides from 42 to 100 in Jaldapara. They will get Rs 150 instead of Rs 125 for showing the forest to each group of visitors. The number of safari cars will increase from five to seven in Jaldapara and in Chilapata there will be 22 cars instead of 12,” said Om prakash.

According to him, visitors will be taken to the eco-tourism centre in Dhumchipara. “The tourists will be taken inside the wild on bullock carts and they can enjoy cultural programmes by the local tribals,” he said.

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