HUMAN INTEREST: Never too young to be dad – job goes to son

HUMAN INTEREST: Never too young to be dad: job goes to son – probably a clerical error way back when, now technically legal by an unthinking Bengal Court ?!! So how old was the mom ?!!


Calcutta, Aug. 19: Father older than son by 12 years? But this is not ground enough to deny a job to the son, Calcutta High Court has ruled.

The court today asked the state government to recruit Madanmohan Guchhait as a Group D employee at a West Midnapore school.

Madanmohan had applied for a job on compassionate grounds after his father Govinda Prasad Guchhait, a Group D employee at Vivekananda Shiksha Niketan at Malpara, died on December 4, 2002.

Madanmohan had applied to the district inspector of schools (primary) who referred the matter to the director of primary education.

However, the director’s office refused to give Madanmohan the job after records available with Vivekananda Shiksha Niketan showed Govinda’s date of birth as February 18, 1954, and that of his son as November 9, 1966.

Madanmohan moved the high court in March this year saying no reason was given to him for the refusal.

The state government lawyer today told the court: “According to records, Govinda was only 12 years old when Madanmohan was born. Therefore, the son was not given the job.”

Justice Biswanath Somadder asked the lawyer if there was any rule that fixed a minimum age difference between a father who died before retirement and a son who sought a job on compassionate grounds.

When the lawyer said there wasn’t, the judge ruled that Madanmohan should be given the job.


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