EDUCATION UNDER BENGAL: ‘Insult’ report to chancellor

EDUCATION UNDER BENGAL: ‘Insult’ report to chancellor – Insult report ‘on’ chancellor to HE the Governor, really ?!!

NBU Entrance - seat of learning or political corruption ?!!


Siliguri, Aug. 20: Members of the executive council of North Bengal University today complained to the governor that they were “insulted” by the vice-chancellor at a meeting, a charge refuted by the controller of examinations who accused them of “disrupting” the proceedings.

After the EC meeting began around 11.15am, some members demanded a clarification from vice-chancellor Arunabha Basumajumdar on why six items they wanted to be discussed had not been included in the agenda.

“According to varsity norms, items which are to be included in the agenda should be placed before the VC 10 days before the EC meeting. We had submitted a list of six items to the VC on August 6. However, they were not included in today’s agenda. When we demanded clarification from the VC, he refused to give any and asked us to come to the points on the agenda. But when we insisted, he left the room without saying anything,” an EC member said.

Quoting varsity rules, he said the EC members were entitled to ask for clarifications if any subject submitted by them was not included in the agenda. “We were humiliated as the VC left without announcing the status of the meeting.”

Later, 15 of the 17 members, who were present at today’s meeting, convened a meeting under the chairmanship of Jeta Sankrityayana, the varsity’s dean of arts, commerce and law. They adopted a resolution to send details of the “insult and clear violation of rights of the EC members” to the NBU chancellor, governor M.K. Narayanan.

“It is the sacrosanct right of every EC member to question why the issues were not included, but they were not given any reply. We convened a meeting and drafted a note with the details of the meeting and sent it to the chancellor,” said Sankrityayana .

In a separate appeal to Narayanan, around 80 members of NBU Teachers’ Council drew his attention “to the absurd state of affairs and to seek his intervention to restore academic environment at NBU immediately”. A copy of the letter has been sent to chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and state higher education minister Sudarshan Roychowdhury.

While Basumajumdar was unavailable for comments, controller of examinations Sushanta Das, who was present at the EC meeting, said some members with vested interests deliberately disrupted the meeting.

“Some of the items they had mooted do not come within the purview of the EC and had not been included. But they refused to accept this explanation. They behaved in an unruly manner which was humiliating to the VC who is the EC chairman. Basumajumdar waited for 40 minutes for the members to settle down but they kept shouting. He then announced that the meeting has been adjourned until further notice and left,” Das said.


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