GORKHA ADIVASI POLITICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Morcha shifts Dooars onus – responsibility of the people, by the people, for the people ?!!

Bimal Gurung addresses gathering at The Gymkhana Club in Darjeeling on Saturday 21 Aug 2010 after 7th Tripartie Talks - urges Dooars to be more responsible for its fate ?!! (Darpan)


Darjeeling, Aug. 21: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha today said it would renew its agitation to press for the inclusion of the Dooars in the interim set-up for the hills but also put the “onus of the struggle” on the people of the Dooars.

Morcha chief Bimal Gurung said he would hold a public meeting at Jaigaon near the India-Bhutan border on August 29 where he would announce the “agitation programme” for the plains.

During an interactive session here today to discuss the interim arrangement, several Morcha supporters from the plains expressed fear that the Terai and the Dooars could be left out of the new set-up.

Gurung told them: “Have I ever said that the Dooars and the Terai would be left out? Stop listening to rumours. The onus of the struggle (to ensure that the Dooars is included in the set-up) will lie with you people now. We want to see how desperately you want the area to be included in the new set-up.”

He added: “We have to think of solutions. If the state government and the Centre give it in writing that the Dooars and the Terai will be included in the set-up, we will think of accepting the arrangement,” Gurung said.

Fate of Dooars seems to be like ‘88 – or so they suppose and wish ?!!

Bimal Gurung with Gorkhaland Map - "Who says I have left Siliguri & the Dooars" ?!!

From Darjeeling Times
By DT Correspondent

Darjeeling, Sunday, 22 August 2010 00:52: An interactive session within the leaders of all its frontal organisations of GJMM (Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha) held at Gymkhana hall today, with an objective to convince and seek their opinions on the issue of GAA (Gorkhaland Autonomous Authority).

GJMM Study Forum along with the Bimal Gurung and central committee members were present to respond the queries placed by the representatives from the entire Darjeeling hills and Siliguri/Dooars.

Entire program and the interactive session were focused mostly on the issue of Dooars and Siliguri in the GAA. However, there was not satisfactory reply from the concerned authorities.

“If I ask you the same question that what will happen to Dooars and Siliguri in case of implementation of GAA”, quipped GJMM Supremo Bimal Gurung at the concluding speech today. He however, implied that GAA is acceptable, if Central government assures in written, for reconsideration of the Dooars and Siliguri after the expiry of GAA in December 2011.

Interactive programme of GJMM held – only to understand and portray dismay ?!!

From KalimNews

Kalimpong, August 22nd, 2010: During an interaction programme organised by Gorkha Janmukti Morcha at Gymkhana Club hall in Darjeeling Bimal Gurung expressed his dismay on the questions raised by representatives of Dooars on the inclusion of Dooars and Siliguri in the proposed GAA.

Morcha leaders stated that GJMM may be compelled to agree on the GAA without Dooars and plains and in that condition GJMM will surely ask for some written assurance on the status of these unincluded areas. GJMM leaders also accepted that the both the governments are applying pressure tactics to the party. Gurung even challenged leaders of Dooars to show their strength in the proposed meeting of 29th August at Jaigaon. Gurung in his speech clearly mentioned that whatever GJMM has achieved by tripartite meetings will not be shared to the opposition parties. And it is the reason that party is not willing to hold election.


Rajen Mukhia resigns from GNLF – true or false, very confusing ?!!

Rajen Mukhia in Siliguri - confused & caught between Subhash Ghising & Dawa Sherpa ?!! (Darpan)


Jalpaiguri(WB), Aug 22 (PTI): Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) leader Rajen Mukhia today resigned from the party. Mukhia, the GNLF leader from Panihata and Terai region went to Jalpaiguri and submitted his resignation letter to party chief Subhas Ghising, party sources said.

As Ghising was not at his house at College para here Mukhia submitted the resignation letter to the party leaders present in Ghising’s house, sources said. Mukhia alleged that GNLF has joined with the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM).

Morcha activists block Ghisingh path – conflicting & desperate reports just to draw attention on a withering party ?!!

Rajen Mukhia with infamous lasso - dead against statehood ?!! (Darpan)

From The Times of India

SILIGURI, Aug 23, 2010, 05.17am IST, (TNN): Driven out of the Hills more than two years ago, Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) president

Subash Ghisingh was barred from entering Panighata on Sunday by Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) activists.

Ghisingh had gone to Panighata probably to hold a discussion with Rajen Mukhia, the chief of the party’s Terai wing. Earlier in the day, Mukhia had gone to Jalpaiguri to meet Ghisingh, but failed to do so.

Following this, Mukhia threatened to tender his resignation if Ghisingh did not announce GNLF’s programme within a week. “The party has been defunct for more than two years and we are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with GJM’s atrocities.

Subhash Ghising in Jalpaiguri - a lost and lonely man, still with the Gorkhaland monkey ?!!

If Ghisingh is not interested, what is the point in staying with the party?” Mukhia told reporters in Jalpaiguri.

It is learnt that Ghisingh was not at home when Mukhia went to meet him. So, after coming to know about the incident, he decided to rush to Panighata, where Mukhia lives, to appease him.

However, GJM activists put up a blockade on the road to Panighata, forcing Ghisingh to return.

“Had I known that Ghisingh was coming, GJM would not have dared block his way,” said Mukhia.


Mukhia receives ABGL invitation – a history of subterfuge ?!!

Rajen Mukhia at ABGL condolence meet in Darjeeling - free now to join a party with similar ideals ?!! (DT)


Siliguri, July 28: The hills are rife with speculation that the convener of the Terai branch committee of the GNLF, Rajen Mukhia, will join the ABGL that has invited him to a joint movement against the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha.

Mukhia said he was seriously considering the request and a decision would be taken in a couple of days.

Dawa Sherpa, the ABGL working president, today said: “We have written to a number of leaders across the hills, requesting them to join the ABGL to strengthen the movement against the atrocities of the Morcha and to strive for restoration of democracy and peace in the hills. The list includes Rajen Mukhia and we are waiting to hear from him. We would appreciate if he joins the ABGL but it is up to him to take the final decision.”

Mukhia was the only leader to stay in the GNLF when the Morcha was gaining support base in the hills and even party chairman Subash Ghisingh went into political hibernation.

Acknowledging the invitation, Mukhia said: “I am considering the invitation. It will take a couple of days before I take a decision.”

GNLF supporters in Panighata, where Mukhia is based, said he had already made up his mind to join the ABGL.

“Mukhia was present at a rally here (Panighata) organised in memory of those who had lost their lives during the Gorkhaland agitation in the 1980s. He said in his speech that yesterday was the last martyrs’ day observed by the GNLF in Panighata, which was enough to indicate that he was leaving the party. If he joins the ABGL, all his supporters like me will follow suit,” said a GNLF leader over the phone from Panighata.

If Mukhia joins the ABGL, it would be the last nail on the GNLF’s coffin. Only Mukhia and Kalimpong leader Dawa Pakhrin remained active after the emergence of the Morcha. As Pakhrin had resigned from the party, Mukhia’s departure will trigger the exodus of rest of supporters from the GNLF.


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