DISGUSTING TRAGEDY: Boiling water on teen help for delay

DISGUSTING TRAGEDY: Boiling water on teen help for delay – 7 years only for a scar that will never heal, should be more for a resounding example to all those too arrogant to learn ?!!


Chinsurah, Aug. 26: Boiling water was allegedly poured on an orphaned 14-year-old domestic help by her employer’s young daughter who would not brook an explanation for being served tea a few minutes late.

Sabina Khatoon (name changed) was cleaning utensils when she was ordered to get tea. “I told Didi (the employer’s daughter) I was cleaning utensils and would not be able to make tea immediately. I even told her I will make it as soon as I was finished with the utensils,” said Sabina from her hospital bed in Hooghly’s Pandua.

Her back is full of blisters, and doctors said it would take months for the injuries to be fully healed.

Rehana Begum, 25, and her mother Mahira Bibi have been arrested for this morning’s incident and for allegedly abusing Sabina over the 10 years that the girl has been working and living in the household. “I was underfed, beaten up and abused on the slightest pretext,” Sabina said in her statement to the police.

“I don’t want to return to the house again,” said Sabina, whose widowed mother used to work as a help with the family until her death 10 years back.

Hooghly police chief Tanmoy Roy Chowdhury said the mother and daughter had been charged with “causing grievous hurt”, punishable with up to seven years in jail.


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