CRIME WATCH: Love Kills – A teacher killed allegedly by his wife’s lover

CRIME WATCH: Love Kills – A teacher killed allegedly by his wife’s lover – gruesome tales with very sad consequences ?!!

People look on at the spot where the decomposing body of the school teacher Manibhusan Allay (inset) was found - murder most foul and a life of regret and penury for the guilty ?!! (DT)

From The Himalayan Beacon
By Barun Roy

Darjeeling, August 28, 2010: When Manibhusan Allay work up early in the morning on the 20th of August to go for morning work, he could have least known that it would be his last day on this world.

A few days ago, he met his wife Samrika Pakhrin allegedly walking hand in hand with her lover Mohammed Isak. As any husband would react he had gone ballistic on both his wife Samrika and her lover Isak. The affair that his wife was allegedly having with Isak had devastated him.

Manibhusan was employed as a teacher at Vidya Vikash Academy. His wife Samrika had also been employed as a teacher at the same school. Manibhusan was particularly loved by the students and was known for his mild and gentle behaviour.

On his return home on the day he had alleged met his wife Samrika with her lover Isak, he had secretly told his mother of the same while keeping it secret from the rest of the family. Samrika left for Siliguri the next day since she had to sit for her ‘IGNOU’ examination.

On 20th of August when Manibhusan did not return home after his morning walk, his family members became restless and began searching for him. However, when he did not return even after a couple of days the family members filed a report at the police station.

Incidentally, even after being informed about her husband’s disappearance, Samrika did not return to Darjeeling. Yesterday, the police was informed about the presence of a corpse near Rock Garden.

The family members of Manibhusan identified the corpse as that of her son. Manibhusan’s. Tilak Allay immediately lodged a First Information Report (FIR) at the Darjeeling Police Station, alleging Samrika and her lover Mohammed Isak’s hand in the 27 year old teacher’s death.

The police reacting on the FIR has arrested both Samrika and Mohammed Isak.

While, who killed Manibhusan and what ultimately led to his death is for the police to investigate, it however remains evident that – Love Kills.

1 hacked to death in Kalimpong – unnecessary connotations in report, a mark of unbiased journalism worth commendation or disdain ?!!

Murder victim Rudramani Dhital, secretary of the Hill Farmers Association and the Khukuri used by Bishal Rai who confessed to the killing - anger or greed, now a life sentence of repentance & hard labour in jail ?!! (gruesomeness edited by Himal News from Darpan)

From Kalimnews

Kalimpong, August 28, 2010: Morning murder mystery was solved by Kalimpong police within 5 hours. Bishal Rai 22 was arrested for murder of Rudra Bahadur Dhital 44 yrs and a resident of Sung Dung of Pudung Busty.

At about 6.30 am people near Crown Lodge of Murgihatta found that Rudra a milk man was hacked to death – in the same way as Madan Tamang ABGL President was murdered in a lane. (*?!!)

Rudra was a very honest and friendly milk man serving milk to the villagers for nearly 15 years said a milk consumer of Dhital.

After getting the information of murder police rushed to the spot and after primary enquiry sent the body for postmortem. At around 11am police got the information that the suspected murderer may be Bishal as Rudra was having a conflict with Bishal a contractor’s supervisor regarding a permission for making a road through Rudra’s land.

Bishal Rai - the self confessed murderer, with the temerity to take photos and console the family after the gruesome event, now to regret his dastardly deed and action forever ?!! (News 7)

Immediately police could apprehend Bishal loitering near 10th mile Fatak. Bishal was interrogated and within half an hour he confessed of hacking Rudra with a Khukuri. His blood soaked jacket and the Khukuri was found hidden by Bishal in the Sadhu Dhara.

After the incident DP Singh SP Darjeeling visited Kalimpong and informed the media about the murder.

On enquiry he added that police has arrested Bishal u/s 302 IPC and will be prosecuted after further interrogation.

Bishal a resident of Relli Road is son of Late Bijay kr Rai 1st Councillor of 23rd no. Bong Dungra Constituency of Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council.

Suicide in Kalimpong

Ajay Kujur (27) of Kamalapur Tea Estate of Phansidewa died of suicide in Kalimpong. He was guard of a businessman (*?!! who) of Siliguri who had a house in Kalimpong.

Kujur was hanging on a tree beside the house with a suicide note blaming none.


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