ENTERTAINMENT: Sadikshya Shrestha crowned Miss Nepal 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Sadikshya Shrestha crowned Miss Nepal 2010 –  a goodwill ambassador for the morality of the Himalayan youth ?!!

Sadichha Shrestha, new Miss Nepal 2010 - now for worldwide recognition ?!! - name misspelt by all ?!! (Darpan)

From Sify News
By Sudeshna Sarka
Forwarded by Lazy Daisy

Kathmandu, Sep 1, 2010, 19:50:00: A supremely confident Sadikshya Shrestha, who would like to see world-class scientists emerge from Nepal, beat 17 other finalists to become Dabur Special-Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2010 at a scaled-down pageant here Wednesday, marked by opposition by the Maoists and a campaign against the main sponsor – Dabur Nepal.

Shrestha, who had tried her hand at the Miss Teen Nepal contest in 2007, won the judges’ approval with her answer to the decisive final question put to all five finalists: In which three sectors would she invest for a more responsible and accountable youth in Nepal.

Her answer was science and technology – so that there would be world-class scientists from Nepal, industries – to give talented Nepalis a platform to show it, and grooming – so that they would know how to present themselves, ‘just as the 18 semifinalists have’.

Sadiccha - the Himalayan bright-eyed beauty ?!! (Kantipur)

The bets on Shrestha began piling up when she was selected for three of the other nine awards: Miss Smart Walk, Miss Personality and Miss Photogenic.

With the crown comes the chance to represent Nepal at the Miss World 2010 pageant in Sanya, China in December, a cheque for NRS 50,000 and a Chery car. The crown also carries the responsibilities of being the brand ambassador for Nepal government’s bid to bring 1 million tourists next year and the conservation ambassador for the Nepal chapter of World Wildlife Fund.

Shrestha’s toughest rival Sahana Bajracharya was selected the first runner-up and will now represent Nepal at the Miss Earth 2010 pageant in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh city.

Sadichha and here co-stars, Sahana Bajracharya (L) & Sanyukta Timilsena (R) - set for grueling but enjoyable year ahead ?!! (Mercantile)

As the nearly three-hour contest, including an amazing ballet by Nepal Music School and a hip-hop number, got underway at the Tribhuvan Army Officers’ Club in Kathmandu, there was palpable tension all around.

Nepal’s oldest and most popular beauty pageant remains under siege.

Since 2006, when the Maoist guerrillas signed a peace accord and returned from their bunkers in the jungles, the contest has been facing opposition by the women’s organisation of the former rebels.

Miss Nepal 2010 contestants parade their styles - morally repugnant to Nepal maoists or just plain jealous of beauty and an international status ?!!

In 2008, when the Maoists came to power after winning the elections, Miss Nepal was the first casualty with the All Nepal Women’s Federation (Revolutionary) lobbying the council of ministers and preventing the pageant from being held.

Though the women MPs from the party say they are opposing the contest because it reduces women to commodities and is blind aping of western cultures, the fact remains that they have allowed dozens of other beauty contests to be held without any fuss.

Preeti Zinta shampoo Ad - a product the maoists can't manufacture nor market ?!! (Dabur)

The main opposition to Miss Nepal stems from the fact that its main sponsor is Indian ayurvedic company Dabur India’s Nepal venture, Dabur Nepal.

In the course of their 10-year war, the Maoists have frequently targeted Indian ventures and joint ventures in Nepal. Despite the peace pact agreeing not to target industries, the Maoist trade union has been arm-twisting Indian companies into hiking pay and perks.

This year, besides the Maoist animosity, Dabur Nepal also faces a virulent campaign by a section of the media that has not been receiving any advertisements.

Sadikshya Shrestha crowned Miss Nepal 2010 Nepal army still against maoist ideology ?!!


KATHMANDU, SEP 01, 2010: Sadikshya Shrestha has been crowned the Miss Nepal 2010 title amid glittering ceremony held at the Tribhuvan Army Officers’ Club in Kathmandu Wednesday evening.

The 19-year-old ISc student clinched the much-anticipated title by outstripping other 17 beauties.

Likewise, Sahana Bajracharya bagged the First-Runner-Up and Samyukta Timsina was declared the Second-Runner-Up at the widely followed beauty contest organised by Dabur Special Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2010.

Miss Nepal 2010, Sadikshya Shrestha, a resident of Kathmandu, will also work as a goodwill ambassador for Nepal Cancer Relief Society and World Wildlife Fund for Nature, Nepal.

The bright-faced beauty will travel to china to participate in Miss World 2010 to be held in December.


Miss Nepal 2010 held on September 1, 2010

Miss Nepal 2010 contestants sitting - a useful career in the Hospitality and Advertising Industry ?!!

On Wednesday September 1, 2010 Miss Nepal 2010 was held in Army Officer’s Club at Bhadrakali, Kathmandu.

18 contestants competed for the crown, which is considered one of the biggest fashion events in Nepal.

There were 8 girls from Kathmandu, 3 from Lalitpur and one each from Dharan, Sunsari, Rajbiraj, Birgunj, Kabhre, Tanahun, Arghakhachi and Mahendranagar. Most of the participants this year are in their Bachelor’s level.

The beauties had been in training for the last one and half months. The winner of the contest will represent Nepal in the Miss World 2010 to be held in China.

This year’s winner of Miss Nepal will receive a car as a prize.

All the participants in this year’s event are taller than 5′ 4″.

Prina Maharjan, 19, is the tallest of them with a height of 5′ 8″. It was previously told that out of the 100 applicants, 24 were selected. The final list however is only 18 names long.

Names and ages of the participants of this year’s event:

–  Sadikshya Shrestha, 19
– Barsha Shrestha, 19
– Binita Thapa, 21
– Chandani Dhebaju, 20
– Sanyukta Timilsena, 19
– Sahana Bajracharya, 20
– Prina Maharjan, 19
– Rakshya Thapa, 20
– Ajita Singh, 21
– Samridhi Rai, 22
– Kusumanjali KC, 22
– Isha Khadgi, 24
– Sujata Swar, 22
– Anita Acharya, 20
– Priya Rani Lama, 20
– Supriya KC, 24
– Chandani Ansari, 20
– Asmita Ghimire, 19


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