RACIAL SLUR: BGUF serves Show Cause Notice to Ravi Behl – host of Boogie Woogie

RACIAL SLUR: BGUF serves Show Cause Notice to Ravi Behl – host of Boogie Woogie – racial slur against any community not tolerated in a Secular India ?!!

Boogie Woogie Judges (Ravi Behl, far left) - racially impertinent ?!!

From Himalayan Beacon
Through BGUF Press Release

New Delhi, Sep 4, 2010: Bharatiya Gorkhali United Forum, BGUF a social organization based at Delhi is awaiting reply in regarding to the show cause notice served to Ravi Behl host of Boogie Woogie dance show.

It was on August 13, 2010, an episode of BOOGIE WOOGIE, TITLED “LITTLE CHAMPION

Ravi Behl - unthinking or just arrogant ?!! (HB)

DANCE COMPETITION” that Mr. Ravi Behl made a racial remark hinting at Soumya Rai an 8 year old Girl a native of Darjeeling hills, after she became the runner – up he said “we have to learn to handle Torches and lasers as if no other job is available we can at least take the job of watchmen.”

That whilst the achievement of Soumya Rai was a moment of joy and bliss for the entire Gorkha community, one of your judges, Mr. Ravi Behl made rather unusual, unnecessary remarks which was supported by another judge Mr. Javed as follows.

The Boogie Woogie Team with Soumya Rai - adding insult to injury, part of our Indian Cultural sensibilities ?!!

The matter was informed by Mr. YK Shrestha and Mr. Kamal Pradhan to the organization and requested the organization to take concrete measures.

Accordingly BGUF had served a show cause notice to Mr. Ravi Behl on 21st Aug, 2010, an act which has been applauded by Gorkhas all over.

As stated by Mr. T.L Shrestha -President of BGUF, they would file a defamation suit if they don’t get satisfactory reply in regard to the racial slur as the organization has given 15 days time to give explanation about the said incident.


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