EDUCATION: China trip for school lessons

EDUCATION: China trip for school lessons – Spagies expanding international horizons, just as in the historical past ?!!

St Joseph’s School in Darjeeling - proud of its rich traditional provenance ?!! (TT)


Darjeeling, Sept. 7: From Darjeeling and getting ready to scale great heights. Only this time, it is not Mount Everest, but the Chinese wall.

Nearly 40 students of St Joseph’s School will be hopping around the quaint Shaanxi province in China during pujas, rubbing shoulders with the life-size terracotta soldiers standing there since before Christ instead of visiting pandals modelled on them.

The authorities of the school, also known as North Point School, the visit will be part of an educational trip. The holidays begin from October 9.

“Forty boys from Class VI to XII would be visiting Beijing, Shanghai and Xian as part of an educational tour. During the last winter vacation, 45 boys had gone to Egypt for a similar tour,” said Father Kinley Tshering, rector, North Point.

“They will visit the Great Wall of China. We will also take them to Xian to see the museum of Qin’s Armies, the terracotta warriors and horses,” he added.

The marvel or the funerary art was discovered in 1974 by a group of peasants, while digging up a well in the area. Archaeologists have confirmed that the terracotta warriors dated back to the era of the First Qin emperor, Shi Huan, who ruled the region between 221 and 206 BC.

The figures are almost 6 feet high and there are hundreds of warriors along with chariots and horses lined up in a war formation in the museum.

The group will leave for Calcutta on October 9.

They will first fly to Kunming in China. From there the boys will be taken to Beijing where they will see the Bird’s Nest — the stadium that had hosted Olympic Games in 2008. They will also visit Tiananmen Square.

The students will spend a day in Xian and from there they will head back to Beijing.

The boys will also be taken to Shanghai before returning to India on October 17.

During the Egypt trip the North Pointers had visited Cairo, Alexandria and Aswan. They had also cruised on the Nile.

“I will be accompanying the boys along with four other teachers. Each student is paying Rs 57,000 for the trip,” said Father Kinley.

During the last trip an Egyptologist had guided the students right till Calcutta, he added.

Swaroop Pradhan, a Class XI student from Darjeeling, said: “I recently got my passport made. I could not visit Egypt last year, but am happy that I am going to China this time.”

His friend Gaurav Raisaily from Gangtok is also ready to embark on his first tour abroad. “When I told my parents about this wonderful opportunity they immediately gave their nod,” he said.


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