NATIONAL SECURITY: Former Army Chief sees strategic importance of Northeast

Arunachal Pradesh and the North East - vital for Indian National Defence and surrounded on all sides ?!!

NATIONAL SECURITY: Former Army Chief sees strategic importance of Northeast – and most important is the Siliguri Corridor and the Chicken’s neck ?!!

The Siliguri Dooars Corridor - where the Indian Defence base must be before launch ?!! (HN)

From Newmai News Network

Shillong, September 2010: Former Chief of Army Staff, General Joginder Jaswant Singh who is also the current Governor of Arunachal Pradesh said that the North East India region is a very important point. The former Army chief said that within a thousand kilometer radius of Shillong there would be around 7 countries. “North East region is a strategically important place,” JJ Singh said.

The vulnerable Chicken's Neck area - India's Achilles Heel, now open to underworld expansion from next door ?!!

The Arunachal Pradesh Governor said this during his visit to Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Shillong today. General JJ Singh with his experience of heading the army provided a deep insight on leadership skills.

He began his speech by talking about the importance of the North East, and said that within a thousand kilometer radius of Shillong there would be around 7 countries and it is a strategically important place.

“IIM Shillong has been a trendsetter”, he said. The institute has charted its own unique path to success, he said and believes that calculated risk is not a gamble and to distinguish oneself one has to take well planned risks in life.

Talking about leadership in the Army, he said that in the army stakes are very high with national honour and human lives being involved. While many companies would be happy to be the second best, in the army the only option is to be the winner. Thus, one should strive to win and win comprehensively rather than by a small margin. “If your cause is just and path is righteous, you shall succeed” is the General’s belief.

He then stressed upon value based leadership. “We tend to become a slave of productivity alone and our ethical standards deteriorate in the blind zeal to succeed,” the former Army chief said. He cautioned the young minds from falling prey to this trap. He urged them to always remember their values and never lose their “ethical compass”. Talking about other qualities which one needs to succeed in today’s competitive world, he stressed upon time management.

JJ Singh also spoke at length about dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity. He suggested that to be managers one should possess the mental agility to quickly reform and adapt plans as per the changing situation. He also asserted the need for a leader to be able to successfully communicate to people not only via words but also via body language and genuine care.

He concluded by expressing his view on happiness in life. He stressed that besides working hard, one must find time for his family and engage in activities beyond work. “Be a good human being and work sincerely and you will be successful,” was the General’s closing remark and advice for the students.

During his visit, Gen JJ Singh also released the second Anniversary Edition of Niveshak of IIM Shillong’s Finance magazine in the presence of Prof. N. Sivasankaran, faculty mentor for Niveshak, Lt.Colonel Matthew Thomas, Chief Administrative officer at IIM Shillong and Professor D K Agarwal, Dean (Academics) and Chairman of the PGP programme.

The highlight of the Niveshak anniversary issue was the HeSpeaketh section which contained interviews of two eminent personalities – Mr.Sanjeev Gupta, CEO Sanlam Investments Emerging Markets and Dr. Paul Shrivastava, Director David O’Brien Center for Sustainable Enterprise Concordia University. The guest editor for this Niveshak anniversary issue was Mr. Ghanshyam Das Khandelwal, Head- Strategic Transactions group HSBC Bangalore.

This magazine that is currently circulated in the top 50 B- schools of the country along with a subscriber base of around 4000 is a symbol of the tremendous progress that IIM Shillong has made within the two year of its establishment.


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