DANGEROUS LIAISONS & THOUGHTLESS ADVENTURE: Speeding downhill to desert for autumn charity

DANGEROUS LIAISONS & THOUGHTLESS ADVENTURE: Speeding downhill to desert for autumn charity – who ever gave them the rights and permission for long-term degradation, pollution and exposure to corruption & accidents – all in the name of limey foreign charities ?!! Cannot pollute their own countries and cultures, can they ?!!

3 limeys in a tempo showing off their superiority - think its fun to slum it, when millions of Indians live this way because they have to ?!! (TT)

Forwarded by Lazy Daisy

Gangtok, Sept. 10: The auto-rickshaws are ready to roar in the hills again, and this time the 145.5cc three-wheelers will roll down from Gangtok to the desert of Jaisalmer, bringing hope to hundreds of women and children who will benefit from the money collected during the ride.

Like the earlier spring edition, this run, which starts on Sunday, also aims to raise money for charity.

Each team has to raise a minimum of £1,000 before taking part in the event.

Truck with Green Sikkim label - now subject to foreign pollution of the lowest kind ?!! (TT)

“The amount has crossed £100,000 so far and the highest sum has come from a two-member UK team, Armchair Loaf, that has raised £5,210,” said Vikash Pradhan, chief of field operations for the UK-based The Adventurists, the organisers of Rickshaw Run Autumn.

The money will be given to Frank Water Projects and Maiti Nepal.

The former works to provide sustainable, affordable and clean water to communities in India. The funds will be used for building a potable water facility.

Auto rickshaw pollution example - a pollution free Europe but not India ?!! (Photo Fwdd by Lazy Daisy)

Maiti Nepal offers support, protection and rehabilitation for girls and women who have been victims of domestic violence, trafficking, child labour and torture.

Seventy-one teams with 175 participants from 20 countries, mostly European nations, have lined up for the auto-rickshaw run.

Report of earlier auto rickshaw accident with 4 killed - who will be held responsible if any of these low-budget Europeans gets killed in India ?!! (Photo forwarded by Lazy Daisy)

The participants will drive for around 3500km in extreme conditions amid mud and sweat, over mountains and through jungles and deserts, possibly the most challenging roads in the world, the organisers said.

“On Sunday, 71 teams will start a downhill adventure from Gangtok to the desert oasis of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. They will be reaching their destination on September 26. There will be no fixed route, no back up or support of any kind and the participants will face some of the toughest driving conditions in the world,” said Mathew Dickens, director (operations) for the South Asia branch of The Adventurists.

Paragliding - now that's an adventure we'd much rather see in the hills, noise and air pollution free and real fun - bringing in the best of western technology & culture ?!! (LD)

State tourism minister Bhim Dhungel will be flagging off the rally from MG Marg at 10.30am on Sunday.

The spring edition that started from Kochi in Kerala on March 28 and ended in Gangtok on April 11, had raised around £83,520. The amount comes to around Rs 60 lakh.

Seventy vehicles used in the spring run along with a new one were kept at a parking lot in Tadong for repair.

The spruced up auto-rickshaws would be used for the run.

Most participants have reached Gangtok.

Before the kick-off, the participants will play an exhibition football match against the Bar Association of Sikkim at the Paljor Stadium here on Saturday at 2pm.

(Has this cranky ‘limey team’ considered the citizens’s or the passengers point of view?!!  and the influx of Bangladeshis to drive such ‘acridly polluting, passenger unsafe rattle traps’ and non-viable contraptions in the ‘dizzily winding, potholed, narrow roads’ in the hills ?!! – such in-considerate tours to be banned in the future for our safety & sanity ?!! – Lazy Daisy)


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