EDUCATION PROBLEMS: Plea for peaceful varsity meeting

EDUCATION PROBLEMS: Plea for peaceful varsity meeting – sadly, fed-up with squabbling ?!!


Siliguri, Sept. 13: The newly formed Forum for Integration, a body of teachers, officers and employees of the North Bengal University, held a convention today to demand that the Executive Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday should proceed without any disruption.

In the last meeting of the council on August 20, a stalemate arose between a section of members and varsity vice-chancellor Arunabha Basumajumdar after six items raised by them had been left out of the agenda.

“The VC had to adjourn the last council meeting because some of the members had created chaos over the non-inclusion of the items mooted by them. This time, too, we fear that they will create problems if their motions are not included. We demand that they should allow the meeting to proceed without any hindrance because there are several subjects pertaining to development projects and administrative and academic issues that need to be discussed at the meeting. Some issues relating to teachers, students and employees are pending just because they require the council’s approval. These stakeholders will be disadvantaged if the members create a scene again,” said Sanjay Chakraborty, the forum secretary.

Basumajumdar had refused to incorporate the items regarding promotion of teachers, PhD matters, resignation of a varsity officer and financial irregularities at the council meeting. The VC said the items had not been included because they did not fall within the executive council’s jurisdiction and that his decision on the matter was final.

The members said if the motions were not taken up on Wednesday, there would be a repeat of the incidents which had happened on August 20.

Woes of disabled girl – abnormal behaviour by the heartless and Godless ?!!


Durgapur, Sept. 13: The parents of a six-year-old girl who cannot walk because of a nerve disorder has allegedly been asked by the authorities of her Durgapur school to either pay five times the fees for “special attention and coaching” or withdraw her from the institution.

The parents of Sanjibani Das, a KG student, has complained to the subdivisional officer that the authorities of Apex School have asked them to pay Rs 1,200 in addition to the Rs 300 fee.

The authorities have denied the charge, claiming they had merely told the parents, Sunil and Sulekha Das, that their daughter was inattentive in class and cried frequently.

Sulekha said that when they told the authorities they could not pay so much money, the teachers and the headmistress started misbehaving with Sanjibani.

“They authorities have even stopped helping her go to the toilet,” Sulekha alleged.

SDO Moumita Das said: “I have spoken to Sanjibani and found her behaviour quite normal. I have asked the school authorities to take proper care of her.”


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