SECURITY MYSTERY: 1 held at airport for metal sign

SECURITY MYSTERY: 1 held at airport for metal sign – faulty detector probably or something he ate ?!!


Siliguri, Sept. 13: A passenger was arrested at Bagdogra airport this evening as a metal detector run on his body beeped, although no suspicious object was found on him.

Police conducted X-Ray tests on Dibar Roy, reportedly a resident of Shillong, and are awaiting the results to unravel the puzzle.

“A passenger who was scheduled to board a Guwahati-bound flight was disqualified during security check. He was later handed over to police,” said K.K. Bhowmik, the airport director.

Sources said the 30-year-old man was standing in queue for security check. He was to board a Guwahati flight at 4.45pm. “As his turn came, CISF personnel searched him with a hand-held metal detector. As the device beeped, the jawans frisked the youth, but still, they could not find anything on him,” said an airport official.

“The passenger was taken to a nearby room and checked thoroughly again. As the metal detector beeped even then, he was handed over to Bagdogra police,” added the official.

The incident has left the police confused. “Till now, we have no clue as to from where the metal detector is getting the signal while coming in contact with his body. He could not say anything about the presence of metal in his body,” said Gaurav Sharma, the additional superintendent of police of Siliguri.


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