BENGAL’s SILIGURI POLITICS: Left plans SMC motion – how silly can one get – a no-confidence motion against Bengal itself with a commie-congie nexus in the docks ?!!

A bent Siliguri Mahukuma Parishad office - Bengal's intrigues and counter intrigues prevalent to get no serious work done for the welfare of Siliguri ?!! (HN Files)


Siliguri, Sept. 30: The CPM today said it was exploring the possibility of bringing a no-confidence motion against the Congress-run board in Siliguri, a day after the Trinamul Congress declared that the “honeymoon with the Congress was over”.

Led by their leader Gautam Deb, Trinamul councillors yesterday staged a noisy walkout from the board meeting, alleging that the board was being run on a “tacit understanding” with the CPM.

“Yesterday’s incident has prompted us to mull over the aspect of no-confidence motion and have a look into the rules and clauses of bringing such a motion,” said Nurul Islam, the leader of the Opposition at the SMC. “It is not that we will bring the motion overnight, but we will definitely explore the laws associated with it because of the board’s failure to carry out development activities in town.”

The 47-ward SMC has 15 Congress councillors, 14 from Trinamul and 17 from the Left Front. One seat (Ward 31) has been vacant following the resignation of a Trinamul councillor.

Home Secretary Hon'be Samar Ghosh to settle it out finally at the next Gorkhaland Regional Authority Tripartite Meet scheduled for end of this week ?!! (HN Files)

The CPM idea to explore the no-confidence motion is based on the premise that Trinamul may not support the Congress in the SMC. However, sources in Trinamul said this was unlikely as in such a situation the party would almost be certain to back the Congress to prevent the CPM from taking over the board.

Islam, a former mayor, said both Trinamul and the Congress were more interested in their posts rather than the development of Siliguri.

He said although his party had voted in favour of the Congress candidates at the mayor’s and the chairperson’s elections, it had also expressed no-confidence against the board in various proceedings, including the budget meeting. “But on all occasions, Trinamul had stood beside the Congress-led board.”

Trinamul leader Deb said the state leaders were aware of the latest development at the SMC. “However, we are sending a report to the highest leadership mentioning certain points to prove the tacit understanding between the CPM and the Congress.”

“From now on, we will act as an opposition party in the civic body,” he added.

TMC Councillors throw documents around the SMC just recently - a cultural habit and trait, certainly not learnt from the erstwhile British whom they just cannot emulate as breeds apart ?!! (Kundan Yolmo)

The Congress described the Trinamul councillors’ behaviour as “unbecoming” of an ally.

“Since the SMC poll results were out in September last year, the Trinamul leaders have worked in a manner that has affected the alliance,” said Deepa Das Munshi, the Congress MP from Raiganj, over the phone.

“Yesterday’s behaviour was unbecoming on their part but even then I feel it is important to cement the alliance and ensure a joint board.”

Deb, however, ruled out approaching the Congress. “Unless they dissolve the board, there is no scope for any discussion,” he said.


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