HIGHER EDUCATION ABROAD FROM SIKKIM: US push to student flow – gently swooping in to cash in on the cream of Sikkimese students, but USA is far more expensive than EU where higher education is free and with far better education and future international prospects too ?!!


Payne in Gangtok on Friday. (Prabin Khaling) - pulling in the best of the world for the US of A, astute recruitment drive?!!



Gangtok, Oct. 10: The US consul-general in Calcutta, Beth Payne, has said American students could be attracted to unique education programmes, environment protection practices and inherent cultural richness that Sikkim has to offer.

“There are a lot of things we can learn from Sikkim. We can enter into partnership in areas like education and clean energy. There are possibilities of American students coming here to study as there are several subjects which are on offer here and (at the same time) popular in the US,” she said in an interaction with journalists here on Friday while wrapping up her two-day official visit to the state.

As an example, the consul-general said the American students might be interested in Buddhism, taught especially at Namgyal Institute of Tibetology.

“Students in Sikkim are doing interesting research on environment conservation and such subjects are popular in the US. American students can be attracted to the Sikkim University’s department of peace and conflict studies and management also,” said Payne.

The US envoy has also vouched for Sikkim’s track record in clean energy. “Sikkim is one of the leading centres of clean energy and we want to see what we can learn. I am looking for visits of more US diplomats to Sikkim,” she said.

After finishing her official visit, the envoy has become, in her words, an ordinary tourist in Sikkim from yesterday. Payne said she had decided to extend her two-day scheduled official tour to a week, impressed by Sikkim’s culture.

“Sikkim has a very peaceful society and when I asked chief minister about the secret, he told me that the people here are very happy,” said Payne.

Before embarking on the personal tour, the consul-general said she would be writing an account of her travel in Sikkim for The Telegraph.


MP meets US Consul General – knowing just where to tap for the future of Sikkim, how about Switzerland & Germany ?!!


Mr PD Rai, Member of Parliament from Sikkim, with Ms Beth A Payne, Consul General of the USA at her office in Kolkata - warm receptive and sees great potential, but do the wise Sikkim students who have never been abroad ?!! (VOS)


From The Voice Of Sikkim

Gangtok, Oct 06, 2010 (VOS): Mr. P. D, Rai, Member of Parliament from Sikkim, met Ms. Beth A. Payne, Consul General of the USA at her office in Kolkata. He exchanged views on several matters of mutual importance especially those concerning the North East, North Bengal and Sikkim.

She enquired about the reason for Sikkim having an accelerated development status. Mr. Rai explained the good governance of the State under the able leadership of Dr. Pawan Chamling, Chief Minister of Sikkim for a record 4th term. He also attributed part of this to the peace loving people of Sikkim who have now made good use of the Government’s positive tourism policy into a good business proposition.

Mr. Rai also exchanged notes with her on the Look East Policy of India as well as the Indo-US relations. Relations with China and Japan also figured in the talks. Ms. Payne stated that her Government gives the utmost importance to building a stable relationship with India.

She will be taking a short holiday after her official round of meetings in Sikkim slated to begin on 7th October, which also includes calling on the Chief Minister.

US consul general thrilled after visiting Sikkim – a paradise in Asia and India ?!!

From IBN Live

Gangtok, 07:10 PM,Oct 08,2010: (PTI) US Consul General Beth A. Payne has extended her two-day official visit to Sikkim to a week to get the ‘experience of a tourist’.

“I have been in various states in the Himalayas and see that Sikkim is an exceptional part of India. I am so impressed to see the peace within the society here and the warmth. This is a peaceful society and I want to see what makes it so,” Payne told reporters here today.

“Till what I have experienced as of now I see that people here find out ways and means to accommodate and resolve differences without violence,” she said and compared Sikkim with Tunisia, a small African country, “where people know how to work out their differences”.Payne said her visit to the state was fruitful.

During her visit, she met Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling and interacted with the students of Sikkim University.


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