MOUNTAINEERING: Hill climbers eye Delhi heights

MOUNTAINEERING: Hill climbers eye Delhi heights – a profession of passion, certainly not for those with the vertigo genetic defect ?!!

Norbu (left) and Sujan (right) with club manager Dawa Gyalbu Sherpa in Darjeeling on Friday. (TT) - the bold and the beautiful ?!!


Kalimpong, Oct. 15: Two adventure sportspersons from the hills will represent the East zone at the national-level rock-climbing competition in New Delhi next month.

Sujan Limbu and Norbu Tshering Bhutia booked their berths for the competition scheduled in the first week of November after they won gold at the East zone rock-climbing competition held at the Salt Lake Stadium in Calcutta from October 8 to 10. Both Sujan, who is 16 years old, and 24-year-old Norbu have participated at the national-level in the past.

Norbu said Sujan was one of the most promising climbers of the country. “He is the reigning junior rock-climbing champion. He will represent the country at an international competition to be held in Singapore in the middle of December.”

At the zonal competition in Calcutta, Sujan won gold medals both in the speed and lead categories in the junior section, while Norbu won gold in the speed and came fifth in the lead category of the men’s event. “The national-level competition will be conducted by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation on its south campus in New Delhi,” said Norbu.

The sport of rock-climbing was introduced in a formal way in the country in 1991 and has been growing steadily since, Norbu said. “Rock-climbing as a sport is very popular in the European countries. Since its introduction in India, adventure-seeking youths, in New Delhi and Mumbai in particular, are taking to it in a steady way.”

A Class IX student of Bhabra Sheela Memorial Institution, Sujan said he was very happy with his twin wins. “I would specially like to thank my school principal for supporting me. During competitions he readily agrees to grant me leave from school. I hope to do both my school and the Darjeeling hills proud by excelling in my chosen sport of rock-climbing.”

Sujan took to the sport at a very young age, while Norbu started rock-climbing seven years ago.

The adventure sportsmen are members of the Blue Dragon Climbing Club based in Darjeeling.


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