CRIME WATCH: Software leads to cops using lost cellphone

CRIME WATCH: Software leads to cops using lost cellphone – Bengal’s corrupt cop culture, all the more reason for a separate police Commissionerate for the GRA ?!!


Beware of the tracker: as well as all the video evidence possible against the corrupt Bengal police culture ?!!



Balurghat, Oct. 19: Two police constables have been accused of using a cellphone with a provision for dual SIM after a software in the handset informed the original owner about the calls that were being made from it after it went missing on June 14.

The software in the Maxx MX 333 model combined with the cellphone’s IMEI number had helped Samrat Nath track down constables Suraj Chhettri and Bachhu Sarkar, allegedly the current users of the phone.

Nath, who filed a complaint with the South Dinajpur police chief today, said at least three complaints filed with Balurghat police station earlier had been ignored. “It is probably because the constables are their colleagues. That is why Balurghat police station refused to take any action,” said Nath.

In this particular model of the phone, a message comes to the original number when the SIM is changed or a new SIM inserted. When Chhetri inserted a new SIM, a message came to Nath. Having lost his phone, Nath had already received duplicate SIMs of his original numbers from service providers BSNL and Airtel.

“When I got to know about the new number, I called up and came across Suraj Chhetri, a police constable posted at Balurghat police lines, as the owner of one of the SIMs. Chhetri had not realised that I was the original owner of the phone and he gave me away his name. I intimated the development to the Balurghat police station on August 27 in writing, quoting my IMEI number and the anti-theft feature of my phone,” he said. Similarly, when Sarkar inserted another SIM, Nath got another SMS.

But Balurghat police station ignored Nath’s complaints.

The IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a unique 15 or 17-digit code of a specific cellphone. It uniquely identifies a specific mobile phone being used on a mobile network. The IMEI is useful in preventing a stolen handset from accessing a network. Mobile phone owners who have lost their handsets can ask their service providers to disable it by quoting the IMEI number.

The cellphone was lost when Nath was on his way to Balurghat from Gangarampur on an NBSTC bus. “I was carrying the handset which has provisions for dual SIM cards. When I noticed that it was missing, I searched the bus thoroughly but could not find it. After some time, I rang my number and found that the handset has been switched off and filed a written complaint in Balurghat police station,” he said. That was Nath’s first complaint, followed by two others. Both the constables have denied the charges.

Swapan Banerjee Purnapatra, the superintendent of police of South Dinajpur, said today: “As two policemen have been accused in the case, we will be extra careful so that a free and fair inquiry is conducted. In case they are found guilty, appropriate departmental proceedings would be taken against them.”

Sickle strike to teach family lesson – Spurned, man attacks girl’s 12-year-old brother – where serious mental counselling is unheard of ?!!


Rohan at the Malda District Hospital on Tuesday. (Surajit Roy) - behavior of an irresponsible and crazed person, twisted by circumstances ?!!



Malda, Oct. 19: A 12-year-old boy was abducted allegedly by a youth spurned in love by his sister, and would have killed him last night had not some local people arrived at the deserted mango orchard in a Kaliachak village on time.

They rescued Rohan Sarkar who was admitted to Malda District Hospital with an injury mark on the throat where Bapi Das and his friends had struck with a sickle.

Three months ago Binod Sarkar, a teacher of Rathbari High School, and his wife Sulochana had asked Bapi not to visit their house. The couple’s daughter, too, had — according to neighbours — finally “seen sense” and refused to meet Bapi, a flower trader allegedly engaged in shady deals.

The abduction and the murder bid were Bapi’s attempt to teach a lesson to the family that had stopped their 17-year-old daughter, a student of Class XI, from interacting with him.

“We were aware that Bapi was having an affair with Binod’s daughter. He would often visit the schoolteacher’s house and offer them flowers,” a neighbour said. “But the Sarkars suspected something and they directly asked the youth to stop visiting their home. The girl too gave in to her parents’ wishes and refused to meet him. Bapi so long did not have any criminal history, but we always felt that he was a shady character.”

Police sources said yesterday evening when Rohan was returning home alone after watching the immersion on the banks of the Pagla river around 8.30pm, Bapi, 25, and his friends abducted him. They covered his face and gagged him when he was almost near his house, 15km from here.

A woman saw boy scream for help. “By then the gag had come off and the boy shouted for help. They were trying to silence him with a sickle. We ran towards sound of screams coming from the orchard and found him there,” said a neighbour, who was one of the rescuers.

Sarkar is still not sure why Bapi tried to kill his son. “We had told him not to visit our house three months ago. I have no idea why an attempt to murder my son was made. I was at home when I suddenly heard my neighbours shouting, and walked out. Soon, I realised that Rohan has been abducted,” the father said.

Sarkar filed an FIR against Bapi and four of his friends around 2am today but the villagers alleged that nobody had come from the Mothabari police outpost to investigate. Neither Sarkar nor Rohan could identify the four friends.

Rohan recounted the abduction from his hospital bed this morning. “Bapi and some others gagged me and forcibly took me to the mango orchard. They attacked me with a sickle and I shrieked for help. In the struggle, the gag had come off,” the boy said. “Soon, I heard footsteps of people approaching the orchard. Bapi and his gang then fled.”

Bapi’s family members have fled Birampur. Villagers said his father owns a country liquor shop. “Preliminary investigations suggest that the incident is the fallout of a love affair. We are in search of those who had abducted the 12-year-old boy and injured him,” said Bhuban Mondal, the superintendent of police of Malda. “We have also received complaints against the accused. I will inquire why the force from Mothabari had not visited the village.” the gang disappear with Rohan and informed the villagers of Birampur, who at the same time heard the


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