WILDLIFE: 2 injured in bison attack

WILDLIFE: 2 injured in bison attack – village education against throwing stones really necessary, just leave the wild ones alone ?!!


The bison in Khokla Basti on Thursday. (Anirban Choudhury) - provoking the wild, any religion against it ?!!



Alipurduar, Oct. 21: Two persons were injured when a bison attacked them in Khokla Basti early this morning.

The animal, which took shelter in the village, 60km from here, till late afternoon has also damaged five huts.

Last night four bison from Rangamati forest under the Buxa Tiger Reserve (west) division had entered Khokla Basti near Jaigaon. Local people spotted two bison around 5am today. Initially the villagers thought the animals were bulls. But when they saw they were bison, they started throwing stones at the animals and chased them. One bison returned to the nearby forest but the other hid itself behind a bush in the village.

By the time police and foresters reached the spot, the bison had already injured Maila Rai and Sandeep Lama of the Basti. Maila fell on the ground after the animal gored him. He has suffered a fracture on the rib and has been admitted to the Cooch Behar hospital. Sandeep has been admitted to a local hospital with an injury in his hand.

“Suddenly, the bison attacked Maila and he fell on the ground. I lost balance and fell while running away from the animal. The bison jumped on me and one of it’s legs hit my right hand,” said Sandeep.

R. Jhakhar, deputy field director of the tiger reserve (west) division, said: “The bison was driven back to the forest around 4pm.”

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