ENTERTAINMENT: Preach tour for band – on rock mission

ENTERTAINMENT: Preach tour for band – on rock mission – its been a long road to anywhere, time to enjoy the journey ?!!


Nitish Pires in his van in Gangtok on Saturday. (Prabin Khaling) - the journey more kool than the destination ?!!



Gangtok, Oct. 31: Mumbai-based rocker Nitish Pires is in Gangtok as part of a countrywide trip to preach the need to promote Indian rock bands and to create publicity for his upcoming Hindi album, Chauraha.

Pires had hit the long road in Mumbai on August 10 on his personal mission to change the way the Indian rock outfits are treated by music companies and to create publicity for the 12-track Chauraha of his band, De Nitish Pires Band.

A series of frustrating experiences he had with record companies to launch his earlier two albums had prompted the 30-year-old Mumbaikar to go on the all-India trip.

“Poor responses from music companies made me angry. The companies believe there is no market for Indian rock music. I then decided to go on an India tour to make way for the Indian rock in whatever way I can,” Pires told journalists from his large van parked at Old Children Park here.

Pires started planning the trip in mid-2009, sold his assets, raised funds and bought the van for Rs 8 lakh and set up a public address system in the vehicle, before setting out the journey. “I had only Rs 2,000 at the time,” said Pires.

After impromptu gigs in Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Nagur, Calcutta, Shillong and Darjeeling, Pires reached MG Marg here on Tuesday. He headed straight to Café Live and Loud and introduced himself to the management, which resulted in shows at the pub, MG Marg and Little Italy.

Explaining the rationale behind the trouble of taking such a long tour, Pires said: “I want to inspire kids and tell them that everything is possible in life. If you have a dream, don’t give it up. I want to inspire young bands and tell them not to stop even if they get poor response from music companies. They can go independent,” he said.

“I also want the music companies to encourage the Indian rock bands. There are many talented musicians who are depressed because of the sorry attitude of the music companies,” said Pires.

The singer said Chauraha contains 12 songs penned by him, narrating the life of an individual who took a wrong road. Pires will leave for north India tomorrow, making pit stops in Dehradun, Delhi, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad, before reaching Mumbai.


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