ENTERTAINMENT: Girls’ rock band rises in Sikkim – Phynyx flies past boys

ENTERTAINMENT: Girls’ rock band rises in Sikkim – Phynyx flies past boys – giving rock the clean cut, prim & proper look & feel now ?!!


Members of the Phynyx perform at Namchi Public School on Saturday (Prabin Khaling) - no more "Purple Rain" ?!!



Gangtok, Nov. 2: Meet the Phynyx, the first ever all-girl rock band in Sikkim which blew away boys from eight schools in a contest at Namchi Public School on Saturday.

All five members of Phynyx are from Paljor Namgyal Girls’ Senior Secondary School in Gangtok. They edged over other rock teams in the Battle of Bands at the South Sikkim school with their cover of Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison, Nepali song Sakdina and Zombie of The Cranberries.


Phynyx girls with certificates and trophy they received at the contest on Monday. (Prabin Khaling) - still in school, purple skirts will do just fine ?!! Well done girls !!


The girls are Junu Pudi Kunchudyangmu (Class XI), the lead vocalist, Sangay Doma Bhutia (Class XII) on guitar and vocals, Annies Pamo Lepcha (Class X) on bass guitar and vocals, Rinzi Lhamu (Class XI) on percussion and vocals and Dechen Sherpa (Class IX) on drums.

Having tasted success in their debut contest, the Phynyx have been invited to perform the opening act for the top band here, Girish N. The Chronicles, during a show proposed to be held at the end of this month at Sikkim Government College, Tadong.

“We want to participate in bigger events and compete with other bands. The ultimate aim is to reach the top and win bigger competitions and also win people’s hearts with our music. And we got a lot of inspiration from our teachers,” said a Phynyx member.

The girls are also spending most of their time jamming, another must for an upcoming rock outfit.

“We set up the band on September 15 as we all shared the mutual interest in music and started practising in the school after study hours under the guidance of our teachers. We had no formal training and learnt most of the things on our own,” said Junu.

And what about the final asset of a rock band, the stage showmanship?

“The girls showed confidence and displayed great showmanship during the contest,” said a teacher who assisted the Phynyx.

“We were nervous during the practice but when we reached the stage, we became confident and gave our best,” said Annies.

“Initially, it seemed that the crowd was not expecting anything from us. We proved them wrong. We are on a high. It was great to be on the top,” said Lhamu.

Teachers Yabesh Benjamin, Sion Simick, Norbu Sherpa and Subash Shankar, ably mentored the students to become the first all-girl rock band of Sikkim and to win the competition at Namchi. The band is managed by Benjamin.

Sankar, himself a musician, said he would be producing a video album of an untitled English song written by the band during the winter vacation.

“These girls were raw and it was their hard work that brought them success. They were dedicated and willing to learn from us,” he said.

The teacher also said it was difficult for an all-girl rock band to get time for practice.

“Boys get more freedom and they can practise anywhere. But girls don’t have that luxury. They used to practise in the school for almost two hours daily. Everyone, including the school principal, supported them for the Namchi event,” he said.

The band members also acknowledged the support given by their parents. “Our parents were super supportive,” said one of them.

The girls said they wanted to stay together and continue with the band even after the completion of their study at PNG School.


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