GORKHA ADIVASI POLITICAL REALITY: DARJEELING INITIATIVES, Must make way for a consensus – a consensus of speculation ‘ for the people, by the people and of the people’ or the commie maxim that all are equal, but that some are more equal than others ?!!


Hon'ble Darjeeling MP, Jaswant Sing with Right Hon'ble Home Minister P Chidambaram - both know the seriousness of expanding proper consensus in Bengal first ?!! (HN Files)

EDITORIAL: From the Statesman


08 Nov 19:56 PM IST: MR P Chidambaram may (*?!!) claim a breakthrough in the meeting he convened in Delhi to thrash out a solution for Darjeeling in the presence of the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha chief.

Bimal Gurung had so far sent his lieutenants to all the administrative and political exchanges. But it is anyone’s guess if (*?!!) his presence suggests he is willing to climb down from his unlikely position that the Morcha be given absolute powers in the interim council. Or whether it relates to the party’s delicate position following the arrest of Morcha supporters in the Madan Tamang killing.


Stalwart Jaswant Singh and PM Manmohan Singh - there are much bigger issues and forces at play in this delicate political game ?!!

While it is clear the Centre wants an early solution, to bring relief from the disruptionist tactics adopted by Gurung’s party, it cannot ignore Mamata Banerjee’s initiative during her visit to the hills to bring all parties (without consensus ?!! – like the Amra Bangari & the Bobbbc ?!!) to the conference table.


The Trinamul chief may not approve of a measure that also doesn’t accommodate the divided public mood. To make matters worse, Gurung has rejected the idea of an interim council on the basis of elections and would rather have the Centre nominate members ~ evidence, perhaps, of ground realities.

There are other problems (according to ?!!) in allowing Gurung the unfettered space he claims such as the need to assert the state’s role in legislative matters and territorial jurisdiction. The morcha has been preparing for major agitations to claim portions of the Terai and Dooars with Adivasi concentrations as part of the Darjeeling administration even as negotiations proceed.

In the style of Subash Ghisingh, his one-time disciple and now principal adversary chooses to keep alive the Gorkhaland bogey (*?!! – ever check the Gorkha hear ?!!) should his ambitions not be fulfilled. On the other hand, an exclusive understanding with Gurung could lead to hostile reactions from the All India Gorkha League which has turned the Tamang assassination into an emotive issue. In other words, there is need for a consensus (from whom ?!!) before a new authority can be established.

The Morcha’s refusal to accept the state’s nominee as interim administrator and any arrangement that doesn’t give it absolute powers are not very promising signals. (and hand Bengal back all the Power ?!!)

This may have prompted the Union home minister to focus on Gurung to allow the interim council smooth passage. But in the developing situation, there is also no reason to believe that he is the undisputed leader of the hills.

The Centre and the state need to proceed with caution in finding an answer that satisfies Gurung, his rivals and, most important, the people of the Hills. (the ones that Bengal chooses ?!!)

Centre and state have let us down – who signed on the dotted line without forethought and took Darjeeling and the Gorkhas who gave him the mandate backwards a quarter of a century, now whining like a spoilt baby ?!!


Subhash Ghising and the DGHC - first signing the DGHC accord as the full and final settlement without consultancy nor transparency and then lying about it even now?!! - yet to learn the 'P' of Bengal's Politics ?!! (HB Files)

From The Times of India


MALDA, Nov 8, 2010, 05.33am IST, TNN: Gorkha National Liberation Front chief Subhas Ghisingh arrived in Malda for a two-day visit on Sunday, setting the grapevine abuzz. While sources claimed that he may be here to establish contact with separatist forces like the Kamtapur People’s Party (KPP), Ghisingh himself maintained he was taking a break from the tension in the Hills.

Ghisingh talked about Malda’s history, sweets, mangoes and Ghani Khan Choudhury. “I badly needed a break from the unrest and tension in Darjeeling and the Dooars. Initially I thought of going to Bangladesh, but that would have taken more time. So I thought of spending two days in peace here,” he said.

He also said he would visit historical places like Gour and Adina. “I would like to visit historical spots like Gour and Adina. I also want to visit the house of former railway minister Ghani Khan Choudhury. And, of course, I’ll have plenty of rasakadamba (Malda’s famous sweetmeat),” the GNLF boss said.

Ghisingh slammed both the state government and the Centre for playing with the sentiments of the Hills residents. “Neither is ready to fulfil its commitment. I’ve already written letters to Sonia Gandhi reminding her of the Centre’s commitment to the Sixth Schedule. And even the state government has accepted that development is possible through the Sixth Schedule. Delay in implementing this would certainly anger the Hill people and we would have to launch a movement,” he said.

Ghisingh maintained that people have realized that GJM has fooled them. “Only GNLF will look after the interests of Hills residents. In the name of an agitation, GJM has created a rift between people.”

A section of police officers, though, feels that Ghisingh’s visit can’t just be a “break from work”. “It is hardly believable that Ghisingh has come to Malda merely for this. We have to keep an eye on his movements for the next few hours,” said a senior police officer.

With his support base eroding in the Hills, said observers, Ghisingh might establish contact with separatist forces like KPP. Another agenda could be building a network among Gorkhas living in the plains to garner support. Intelligence sources said fund-raising for his party could be another purpose of Ghisingh’s Malda visit.

Eviction of Adivasis condemned – proves that Bengal and its lackeys are beyond empathy nor clout ?!!


A starving Adivasi mother - allowing this to happen in 21st century India, while some Adivasi leaders become lackeys of parochial powers, equitable distribution ?!!

From the Assam Tribune Correspondent


UDALGURI, Nov 7, 2010: The Udalguri district committee of the All Adivasi Students’ Association of Assam (AASAA) has condemned the eviction drive of many families belonging to the Adivasi community from the Lungsing forest area in Kokrajhar districtby way of setting afire and destroying their household properties, recently, this was stated in a press release issued by Pradip Nag, president of the students’ organisation of Udalguri district committee.

The AASAA press note also came down heavily on the Adivasi leaders, ministers, MPs and MLAs like Prithivi Majhi, Joseph Toppo, Paban Singh Ghatowar, Bhimananda Tanti, Etowa Munda, Jibantara Ghatowar and Silvious Condpan saying that they remained silent spectators during the preplanned tragedy of the Adivasis created jointly by the State and the BTC governments.

Hammering the Adivasi politicians of the State, the press note further said that while Babulal Marandi, the former Chief Minister of Jharkhand found time to stand by the helpless and stranded Adivasi people in Kokrajhar, the Adivasi leaders of the State neither spoke nor got time to visit the people in their distress. “But they find enough time to go near those distressed people only when the elections are round the corner to assure them with false promises”, the press note observed.

The AASAA also demanded the resignations of all these Adivasi leaders and to seek fresh mandate if they had courage to do so.

The students’ body also warned both the State government and the BTC authority to release the persons apprehended during the eviction drive without any precondition and to rehabilitate the affected families at the earliest.

Meanwhile, it is observed that the eviction of the Adivasi villagers from the forest area will have a far reaching impact in the forthcoming Assembly elections in the State which might trouble the Adivasi politicians in particular to a great extent.

Diwali celebrated: The people of Udalguri district celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights with all merrymaking. People from every walk of life irrespective of caste, creed and religion were seen wishing Diwali greetings to each other while many shared joy with sweets and Diwali gifts. People also offered puja to Laxmi, the goddess of prosperity along with Lord Ganesha on the occasion.

The Udalguri district administration took all possible steps to check untoward incidentsduring the festival by deploying security forces elsewhere in the district to make people free to enjoy the festival of lights.

Ramailo Tihar celebrated: Meanwhile, the Nepali speaking Gorkha community of the district along with other parts of the State started celebrating the five-day-long Ramailo Tihar festival by lighting earthen lamps in and around their households since November 3 last which will come to end on November 6 with ‘Bhai Tika’or Bhatri Dwitya which is very much special symbolising the bond of love between brother and sisters and playing and singing traditional Deushi and Bhaili like Bihu Husori in the villages blessing the villagers for prosperity and happiness.

Asom Nepali Sahitya Sabha, a premier literary organisation of the State, Assam Gorkha Sammelan, Assam State committee of Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh and All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) in their separate press notes also wished for the prosperity of the people of Assam on the occasion of Dipawali and Ramailo Tihar.



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