BENGAL POLITICS IN DARJEELING & DOOARS: Asok snub for Gurung clout claim

BENGAL POLITICS IN DARJEELING & DOOARS: Asok snub for Gurung clout claim – a desperate cry from the steward of a sinking ship ?!!


The hand that wields the Khukuri - Asok just can't seem to understand that 'all Gorkhas' - big, small, male, female, the good, the bad and the ugly - have the culture of wielding the "sacred & talented" Khukuri ?!! (Himal News Photo)



Siliguri, Nov. 9: State urban development minister Asok Bhattacharya today said the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha was not in a position to carry out a movement to pressure the Centre on interim set-up, a day after Bimal Gurung threatened to renew its agitation if the body was not formed by next month.

“We have learnt that the Morcha has again threatened to organise a movement which will create tension in the hills. We are, however, not bothered about such threats. Given the present state of affairs, the party does not have the capacity to organise a movement as common people are no longer responding to their calls,” the CPM leader said here.

Asking the hill outfit to refrain from issuing such threats, the minister said any fresh tension arising out of agitation would only delay the talks and the formation of the set-up.

Bhattacharya accused the Morcha of deceiving people by making baseless remarks.

“The Morcha leaders are publicly saying in the hills that the Centre is ready to grant a Union Territory status to Darjeeling which is false. At the last tripartite meeting, the Union home minister and other officials had told them that they cannot decide on the matter without taking the state government into confidence,” he said.

The Morcha, however, countered the minister’s attack saying he was “living in a fool’s paradise”. “We don’t know what is the criterion that the minister is thinking to presume that the Morcha is losing its ground in the hills,” said Harka Bahadur Chhetri, the party’s media and publicity secretary. “If he is considering a couple of news conferences being organised by the ABGL, GNLF and the CPRM as the criteria, we must say that he is an immature politician and is living in a fool’s paradise.”



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