ENTERTAINMENT: Hills in fashion mode – tips to groom models

ENTERTAINMENT: Hills in fashion mode – tips to groom models – pockets for wallets, notebooks and mobiles included in tradition with modernity and practicality – happens else where so why not here lest it go defunct ?!!


READY FOR RECAP: A fashion show organised by the Vidyarthi Morcha last year (TT) - to evolve with the times of practicality, and why not ?!!



Darjeeling, Nov. 11: Preparations are almost complete to host more than 200 students who are expected to take part in a fashion show, touted to be one of the biggest cultural jamborees in Darjeeling in recent time.

The three-day Pragya Shri/Sushri Pahari Pratik contest from November 15 is modelled on the “tradition” theme.

“The main focus of the event will be the showcase of the rich tradition of the region and also the strengthening of the idea of India, which is a mosaic of varied culture and tradition,” said Nima Sherpa, the spokesperson for the organising committee.

The Gorkha Janmukti Vidyarthi Morcha, which will organise the show to mark its foundation day on November 15, has tied up with the Academy of Broadcasting and the St Michael’s Youth Centre.

“At times we need to move beyond political affiliations and motives. Our only aim is to bring about unity among students of the region, including Sikkim, and provide a platform for exchange of ideas and increase the bonhomie among the students,” said Sherpa, who is also the general secretary of the Vidyarthi Morcha. “We are expecting 200-300 students to participate in the event.”

The student wing of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has invited students from the Dooars and the Terai to take part in the show.

The event will promote the concept of “serious fun”.

“For three days, the participants will have to attend workshops and seminars where they will not only be taught the nitty-gritty of fashion but will also be provided with tips on how to develop a good personality,” said Sherpa.


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