GORKHA ADIVASI POLITICAL RESPONSE: Morcha rules out CM election condition – Civic polls only, repeats outfit

GORKHA ADIVASI POLITICAL RESPONSE: Morcha rules out CM election condition – Civic polls only, repeats outfit – Buddhadeb still not getting the constitutionally correct message, the man who pretends to be deaf and yet democratic ?!!


A Morcha rally in Darjeeling (TT) - well aware of Bengal's undignified & unconstitutional ruses ?!!



Kalimpong, Dec. 1: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha today said it had no problems with civic elections being held in the Darjeeling hills but was opposed to rural polls, a matter, the party claimed, was weighing heavily on the chief minister’s mind and “forcing his government to its knees”.

Bimal Gurung’s party was reacting to the chief minister’s attempt yesterday to link the actualisation of the interim administration for the hills to the holding of elections to the urban and rural local bodies in the region.


Binay Tamang at a media conference in Darjeeling on Wednesday. (Suman Tamang) - Bengal makes people repeat things over and over and over again - they deaf or just pretending to be ?!!

Morcha assistant secretary Binoy Tamang said: “If at all the panchayat elections are held, it must be for three-tier panchayats.” (fair and constitutional enough – to a man to pretends to be deaf ?!!)


Recently at a meeting with party workers, Morcha president Bimal Gurung had said his party was ready to fight the municipal elections. But he had said there was no question of rural polls till the territorial jurisdiction of the interim set-up was sorted out. The panchayat election in the hills were last held in 2001.

The Morcha has linked territory to rural polls because most of the mouzas that it wants in the plains — 104 in the Terai and 196 in the Dooars — as part of the new establishment are in the panchayat areas.

Tamang also said the body to run the interim administration can in no way be an elected one since the tenure of the set-up will only be for two years. Bhattacharjee in his Calcutta speech had also said that elected, and not nominated representatives, should run the set-up.

“Bhattacharjee is speaking not as the chief minister but as the representative of the party housed in Alimuddin Street,” said Tamang, referring to the CPM headquarters in Calcutta.

The Morcha assistant secretary also said the fact the chief minister devoted as much as 13 minutes of his speech to the affairs in the Darjeeling hills was a sure sign that his government had come down to its knees insofar as the tripartite negotiations were concerned.

“Earlier, the chief minister only used to touch on issues concerning the hills during his visits to north Bengal. The fact that he dwelled on Darjeeling for such a long time in Calcutta betrays the fact that his government has been forced to its knees. What we must understand is that the negotiations we are having involve three parties — Morcha, the Centre and the state government — and no single side can impose its will,” he said.

Buddha ballot idea ‘foolish’ – even Ghising now belatedly understands the Bengal let down and the unconstitutional territory grab ?!!


Jalpaiguri, Dec. 1: Former DGHC chairperson Subash Ghisingh today said chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee was not treading the right path by demanding elections to the panchayats and the municipalities in the hills.

“There is no need for elections. I am saying once again that the state government should resurrect the 2005 agreement on the Sixth Schedule and only after putting it in place, should the elections be held,” Ghisingh said.

The GNLF chief said what Bhattacharjee had stated at a Left Front rally in Calcutta yesterday was “total foolishness”.

“I am warning the chief minister that what he is suggesting will not be for the betterment of the hills,” he said.

Ghisingh, who had been claiming for sometime that he would soon visit the hills, once again said: “I can go any day up to the hills to hold a GNLF rally any day now.”

It has been 21 months since Ghisingh was hounded out of the hills by supporters of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and since then, he has been living in a rented house in the Collegepara area of town.

Today, escorted by the police, Ghisingh visited the Jalpesh and Kali temples and the palace here.

Murder FIR on police – why not also on the Bengal CID too ?!! So much confidence on Bengal Police lost, thus the need for a separate police Commissionerate in Darjeeling which is no more under Bengal ?!!


The demonstration at Pradhannagar police station on Wednesday. (Kundan Yolmo) - proves the nature of Bengal Police and says more than words in more ways than one ?!!



Siliguri, Dec. 1: The brother of Gautam Pal, who was found dead in a police lock-up, has brought murder charge against the inspector in charge of Pradhannagar police station and two other officers in a fresh complaint.

In the-four page complaint filed with Pradhannagar police station today, Jiten Pal alleged that IC Dipankar Som along with sub-inspector P.K. Barman and assistant sub-inspector D.K. Bakshi had tortured and murdered Gautam. The 30-year-old youth was in police remand for three days after he had been arrested for allegedly stealing a motorcycle.

“I firmly believe that my brother has not committed suicide in the bathroom of police lockup as claimed by policemen but was tortured and murdered. These three police officials, along with some others, were involved in the murder,” said Jiten, who has handed over a copy of the complaint to Siliguri deputy superintendent of police Sitaram Sinha.

“I have seen injury marks on my brother’s body which indicated physical torture and surprisingly, there was no mark on his neck.” Gautam’s body had been found hanging from a ventilator in the lockup on Monday.

Jiten has also accused the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH) of drafting a fabricated post-mortem report, which indicated he had committed suicide.

“We suspect that the doctor at the NBMCH who did the post mortem wrote out a false autopsy report in connivance with Pradhannagar police station,” he said.

Around 11.30am, more than 100 people assembled at the police station, shouting slogans and demanding action against the policemen. The demonstration continued for more than an hour and was withdrawn after DSP Sinha spoke to the agitators.

“We have already suspended two policemen. People should have faith in us as we are not shirking our responsibility,” he said.

Jiten said copies of the complaints were being sent to the President, the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice of India, the director of CBI, the Union Home minister and also to civil and police officials of the state like the chief secretary and the director general of police.

Sinha said the fresh complaint would supplement the first FIR filed by Jiten on Monday. That FIR did not have any specific names.




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